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Bit of a Rant/Ramble on the current state of the game.

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So I'll start off by saying I LOVE this game/series, I have 1500 hours in VT1 and 500 in VT2, but I find the current state of the game unbearable. I'll try to keep it fair and unbiased, but know that I am pretty frustrated.

  • First off, the "Ranged Meta." As someone who played a lot of Vermintide 1, this is the most painful subject on the list. I think there are a lot of things contributing to this.

Melee is too weak/too risky right now. With Chaos hordes being the worst offenders,

covers the big issue/s with Chaos Hordes and hyperdensity. This combined with Ghost Swings and FPS dependant attack speed makes playing melee much less effective and much more dangerous, than just shooting everything to death.

Some Ranged classes are, in my opinion, way too strong. Bounty Hunter and Pyromancer both come to mind. I don't want them gutted or nerfed into the floor, but BH's synergy with Scrounger gives him infinite ammo, and then Pyromancers passive Crit boost gives insane synergy with both Heat Sink and Resourceful Sharpshooter, combine that with her F ability that kills everything, does insane knockback, can remove all overcharge and only has a 40 second base cooldown?

I'm no Balance expert and I don't pretend to be, but some suggestions I've heard around sound good, even if we have no idea how easy/difficult it is to implement them.
Scrounger being moved to melee weapons, would encourage Ranged classes, especially BH to get stuck in more.
Bounty Hunters "Prize Bounty" Talent seems to cause a lot of the infinite ammo problems, so if changing Scrounger isn't an option perhaps do something to that instead. Pyromancers Flaming Skull Having a longer base CD, dealing less damage or having the heat removal talent changed/removed.

  • Melee classes. Slayer is great, Mercenary is great, Footknight is great, Unchained is very strong after her buffs, I'm no expert but Shade seems to be doing fine too now. My problems with melee seem to be with Saltzpyre.

Witch Hunter Captain has amazing potential, but suffers two main drawbacks. He's so squishy, with no defensive talents, 100HP and his Knockback ability being on a THREE MINUTE cooldown, He dies very fast on Legend. The other problem he has is dealing with Chaos Warriors, his Crit Headshot passive doesn't affect them, none of Saltzpyre's weapons seem very effective against them at all. Yes you can kill one with a Teaspoon given enough time, but if there's more than one? You're not going to have fun. I'm not sure making his crit headshots affect them would be unbalanced, but maybe it's something worth giving a try? Oh, and give him 125HP, Please?

Zealot, I love him, I just wish he was better against the Chaos Warriors too, Rapier being my favourite weapon from VT1 and 2, taking anywhere between 15-20 stabs to down one hurts.

  • Some other melee related issues.

Enemies and clipping, either through each other, or through you. Enemy clipping is necessary, I know, but one of the most frustrating things in the game for me, is when an enemy walks inside you, stopping you moving, hitting them or anything, and then proceeds to slap you. Or trying to play a tank, and the enemies just walk through you to attack your team mates.

I don't know if this is even possible to fix, but it felt worth mentioning.

  • Sprinting attack "Chains"

Maulers and Chaos Warriors, when in a group, just constantly slide in and out of each other, chaining their running attacks at you, giving you no opportunity to fight back, let alone focus one down. What's even worse is the sheer bulk of Chaos Warriors completely obscures vision of anything behind them. Nothing feels better than dodging an overhead from a Kazaki Dum, only for Babe Ruth in disguise as a Mauler come sprinting through him and knock you right out of the park.

I know this was addressed in a previous patch, but it still happens a lot, if it even got any better?

In conclusion, I love the game but by Grimnir it pisses me off at times. I played Vermintide 1 from launch and over time it got better and better, so I believe Fatshark can make this game equally amazing, I just wish the biggest "Problems" were addressed ASAP.

TL:DR – Dwarf is angry, but still loves the game.

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