Warhammer: Vermintide

Blighstormers and other bugs

warhammer 4 - Blighstormers and other bugs

I really like this game but more often than not when you lose you don't actually lose because you played badly but because the game just decide to say "fuck you m8, you have to lose in an unfair way"

DISCLAIMER: I am talking about REAL bugs not about the packmaster in the horde that i failed to see cause i am bad.

So let's start with the most absurd one:

Blighstormer behaviour
There are a LOT of places on various maps where blighstormer can teleport, cast their storm and be ALMOST UNHITTABLE (sometimes it's even impossible to see/hit them). The most blatant one is the glass window on enchanter's lair. There is this corridor where stormers can teleport behind the glass, cast the storm on you while stayin safe behind the glass: arrows or bombs can't get through. In the last 3 days i've lost 2 times to this BS. (Cause you know, in that same spot there is a boss trigger, now imagine if you have horde too eheheheh)
Either fix stormer AI or fix the maps making some spots unreachable. To be honest i think this is more a problem of the maps. There are also a lot of places where you go into fall state when you are just NEAR the ledge, and i could go on with the problems that a lot of maps have. I know that it's really hard to find all the bugged spots on maps though so at least making the stormers teleport in places where players have at least a chanche to hit them should be guaranteed.

Packmasters hooking through walls

There are some walls (i've seen this happen a lot on enchanter's lair, might be cause i played it a lot lately) where packmasters can hook you through. So imagine trying to make smart use of the ambient and seeing the game saying "no fuck you, you have to lose". I already find BS enough that enemies can hit you trough walls but at least you can do it too as a player so it's ALMOST fair, but packmasters? No bruh this should not happen, their range is already bugged enough and they can bring you to hyperspace, now they can even bypass walls?

Ratling firing through map objects (like trees)

There are some trees or other BIG objects that should act as cover that ratling can shoot through. The best example is the big tree in against the grain in the grassy area. Usually not a lot of ratlings spawn there but if you play the weave 31 (if not wrong) with ghost enemies and a lot of ratling on that part you will see them shooting at you trough the fuckin giant tree. There are a lot of other spots but they are not as absurd as this one. Again this is more a problem of maps than a problem of the special itself but goddamn this should not be happening.


Special sound not playing, spawn in plain view (or extremely near you)

This problem is really annoying when playing cata+ where a lot of shit happens and a lot of specials spawn. Sometimes some specials just don't make any sound or spawning sound or they spawn literally on top of you (sometimes in front of you and you just instagib em or sometimes over you while you are fighting and they instagib you). The problem with special sound is so well known that there are mods for the modded realm that write on the screen when some special spawn. I also find stupid that when the horn of the horde plays it covers the sound of important specials like packmasters. The ideal model for a lot of specials should be the assasin: when he spawns he makes a clear and distinct sound so at least you know that he is there and you will play accordingly. Sometimes you know that a special exists only when you have it in your face. I am kinda okay if that happens with longrange specials (or stormers since they have a charge time for their attack, the real problem with stormers is point 1) but disablers? No bruh, it should not happen they must be consistent. If you can't make a sound system that is consistent then at least give them a clear spawning sound like the assasin one.

I think i could go on for some more but i think these are the bugs that i can't really accept that are still in the game.
I think that there are various alternative way that can fix these problem if the problem itself is hard to fix from a coding perspective.
I would love to showcase some videos of these bugs but i have a potato pc that can't handle the recording (also some of those are really annoying to reproduce since you have to obtain that special spawn in that point of the map). Please guys if some of you are recording while playing and get some bugs post them, maybe someone at FS sees them and we get a fix.

PS : i would love to also do a post on QoL upgrades and small bugs in the behaviour of some specials/elites/mobs that are not so annoying but then i would probably have to write an essay. I also know that QoL is not something that is on the backlog of FS. I mean we still have this shit crafting system so…

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