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Blightreaper final event problem and solution

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There are many people who agree that the Blightreaper finale is a bit boring, making the whole map feel not enough satisfying. An idea of a "boss fight at the end" often appears, but I believe that there was a good idea on FS to not end everything with boss fights. What are the main problems I see:

• The tactic to beat the event is too simple, you just stand in safe place in all 4 until the game asks you to move to another location for a moment, than you return to the safe spot again, repeat 5 times.

• The speed. Items to click appear slowly, giving you plenty of time to get bored af, just watching the barricade slowly hiding in the walls.

• There's not much sense in it. Some godlike creature shows you an indicator of where is the next switch? You go there and click it. Why? How did you know it's the one?

Therefore the whole event is basically not much different than RS finale, and with less oomph. Here's my suggestion how to make it better, without changing it too much:

• Speed up the barricade animation about 50%.

• Don't show the indicator at first.

• Show a message that a switch should be flipped.

• Highlight that one active switch only when somebody is near it.


• Show the indicator after X seconds of not clicking the switch (like missing buboes in Festering Ground) but only when a player is relatively close to the switch (like in Festering Ground), instead of globally across the whole chamber.

This way the team is forced to LOOK for the switch, instead of knowing where it is instantly. Finding it is relatively easy, but you need to walk around the chamber to see the highlighted item. Additionally it won't doom your team, because eventually it will have an indicator (showing up way earlier on Recruit) so if your team is not standing in 1 place, you're bound to find it at some point. However, this gives a room to some tactics. Do you want to travel with all 4 acoss the room, to be safe? Or maybe you want to scatter in groups of 2 or even 4, to speed up the searching process and risk getting overwhelmed by enemies? Since you need to search for switches, it is also logical to speed up the barricade animation, the time of the event should stay about the same, but more engaging and you don't need have unnecesarily long wait time in between switches.

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What do you think?

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