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Block-related Trait Mechanics

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Hi all – couple of quick questions for those in the know about exactly how a few of the mechanics work. Specifically, the three Traits you can get on weapons which I'd label the Defensive Traits – Parry, Opportunist and Off Balance.

Firstly – is Off Balance working, as I see no indicator like in VT1. It -feels- like it's working. And assuming it is, is it a +50% or +20% increased damage, as I heard it used the same debuff as Shrapnel. Finally, is everything affected by it? ie, if you block a Ratling Gunner's stream, or a thrown Axe from the War Camp boss, or block a rat ogre punch that breaks your shields and knocks you back… do all three of those still get 3 seconds of Off Balance debuff?


Opportunist – I assume this is basically "Devastating Blow" from VT1, and results in a longer distance push with longer stun/down duration, but the "attacking you" confuses me. Do mobs have to be just aggroed on you, or in the middle of an attack animation, or does it just work on everything?

Finally, Parry – I understand this procs on any hit you block within about 0.5 secs of hitting the Block button. Someone said it staggers – is this the case? Do parries knockback/stun mobs where normal blocks don't, and is it useful? Finally, how does it work on stuff that breaks block? Can you Parry a chaos warrior's overhead axe swing without being block-broken, and does it stagger them?

Many thanks for anyone in the know who can answer any of the above.

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