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Do you want to be the best damn Dawi in all the Grey Mountains? Do you want to be remembered in the halls of Karak Kadrin? Do you already play the best class, but those foolish Umgi keep telling you you're a useless melee only class? Well be shamed no further, because I'm here to right your wrongs and get you out there Slayin like Gotrek himself. Assuming you do everything in this guide right, not only will you get all the green circles except ranged kills and carry every single Legend game you're in, but you'll also look absolutely ferocious doing it and maybe a little insane


First of all, let's look at how you should be playing Slayer. It's quite simple really, if somewhat unintuitive. Leap into everything. No, that's not sarcasm. You should be leading your worthless ranged AI teammates, those things behind you that do nothing but shoot you in the arse. Paradoxically, your job as Slayer is to go into every fight with suicidal vigor, but never actually die. If there's an enemy in range and that purple bar is filled, you should be midair. The only exceptions are patrols (if you're a beardling pussy) and bosses, because those cunts are unpredictable and will snatch you of out midair. With the absolutely insane killing power of Slayer, you shouldn't be afraid to jump into heavy groups of enemies, hordes, or even clumped CWs/SVs. Coincidentally, this is also the most fun way to play Slayer. The class is designed in such a way that being rabidly aggressive actually pays off very well. Your only weaknesses are dirty camping Blightstormers. With the right positioning and leaps, you can easily get rid of Gunners and Warpfires; practice makes perfect. As stated, it might seem "dangerous," to do this. First of all quit thinking like a Gobbo. Second of all, once you get the hang of the playstyle and his weapons, you'll be leaping into everything like a good Dawi.

Oh, look at that convenient segue. Weapons. The absolutely amazing thing about Slayer is that he gets the chance to do everything with only melee. And when I say everything, I mean it. With the right setup, you'll get great horde clear, great armor killing, great boss damage, and great special killing. Almost every other class has to sacrifice at least one of these things when managing loadouts, but not Slayer.


Dual Axes + 1H Hammer. Boy that was tough, huh. Actually apparently it is, because this is where everybody seems to start doing stupid shit and then try to argue it's better when they don't know what THE FU*K THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT AND GET THEIR NAME IN THE GRUDGE BOOK

First of all, Dual Axes. With the right setup, you one-shot SVs with headshots and 2-shot them from everywhere else, and melt Chaos Warriors in 2-3 hits. They also do a ton of boss damage if you do it right. How to do it right? Push attacks. Your push attack is insanely fast, does double damage because two axes (yes forreal), and pro tip, it actually boosts you forward just a smidge, something that no other weapon in the game does I think. Your dualies should be out pretty much the entire match spamming push attacks and heavy attacks for that sweet 2x damage, unless you run into a horde, and even in that case dualies aren't too bad at horde killing.

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BUT, you get a second weapon so why settle for mediocrity? Second weapon is the 1H Hammer. The only reason anyone thinks or argues that other Bardin weapons are better at horde clearing than 1H Hammer, is because: A. They haven't used it, or B. They haven't used it right. The 1HH has the same range as the 2H Hammer (because Fatshark lul), but attacks insanely fast and has the optimal attack pattern for hordes. (Same with Kruber's mace over his 2h hammer but that's a different discussion.) Light attack > Light attack > Push attack, repeat. Two wide, horizontal swings into a push with another horizontal swing. It has very good cleave that only gets stuck on the toughest stuff, like CWs and shields. But, the great thing is that you'll be swinging so freaking fast that you'll probably break the damn shield before it even gets near you. Also, the mobility is ridiculous. And any player worth their salt knows that mobility is king during hordes because of all the horseshit running attacks, sneaky skaven ass-stabbers, etc. There are other factors that play into this, but lets be real; when is the last time you saw a Footknight with a 2H Hammer solo clutch against a full horde+boss? the answer is never dont @ me


"buh wuh about 2h hammer?"

slow as fu*k, makes you slow as fu*k, and 1HH does literally the exact same thing but better

"buh wuh about 2h axe?"

shit cleave and gets stuck on everything. also slow as fu*k

"buh wuh about pick?"

good but slow as fu*k.

All of Bardin's weapon choices take other factors into account for his other classes, but when your primary weapon does almost everything and your secondary weapon is just a horde killer, pick 1hh. Couple it with Swift Slaying and Leap and you'll be like an angry, red lawnmower. But instead of mowing grass you're smashing disgusting vermin.


Stats are interchangeable depending on your trouble with killing shit, EXCEPT FOR TWO. +2 Stamina on necklace and Dualies. Push attack is the best attack in the game and you want as much of them as possible.

Aside from that you have options, but personally I run this;

+2 Stamina/+10% Chaos on Dualies with Resourceful Combatant (for more leaping)

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+5% Crit/+30% Push/Block on 1HH with Swift Slaying (for more horde slaughtering)

+2 Stamina/+20% health (second roll is pretty much subjective on what you want) on Necklace with -ANYTHING BUT FU*KING NB OR BARKSKIN-

+10% Vs Chaos/+10% Vs Monsters on Charm with Proxy (Concoction is good too for going absolutely bananas on a boss)

+33% Curse Resist/+5% Crit chance on Trinket with Grenadier (again Shrapnel is decent for bawss killing)

For Talents, you have some options.

I run 21322. For first Level 5 its up to you but I like the extra crit for Swift Slaying. They're all solid. For Level 25, Unstoppable or No Escape; Crunch! is worthless. Unstoppable is great for hordes, No Escape is great for fast as fuk boi.

Final Notes

With these powers combined, you are Slayer-Man~~-Thing~~! Swift Slaying+Leap+1HH will absolutely decimate hordes. Even without Leap you still will shred them. Grey life is your friend. +4 Stamina from items gives you 4 shields with Dualies for push attacks, which regenerate back surprisingly quickly. If your special bar is ever purple for more than 10 seconds you're doing it wrong, seriously. Learn how to kite bosses because you can then push attack headshot them between dodges for insane damage; if it's aggrod on someone else, use all your push attacks then spam heavies until your stamina is back. Be wary of leaping into bosses because its pretty much a 50/50 whether or not you land directly in front of one of their attacks. Use your leap to stagger disablers even if your teammate is mobbed and you can't actually get hands on the disabler. Don't let anybody tell you double mohawk is ugly BECAUSE FU*K THEM THEY'RE WRONG DOUBLE HAWK = DOUBLE GRUDGES. Lastly, DON'T BE AFRAID TO PICK UP GRIMS; once you're good at Slayer you'll be one of the most reliable teammates that don't die, and you don't need potions.Also stop playing IB on Legend because holy shit it's such a useless class

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