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Bot investigation part 3 and Chaos spawn feedback

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So now ive play Fort Brakson bruker, for 4/5 times testing the bots buid viability on weapons, pathing its rarely a issue in Fort (awesome job fatshark) , but i must say theres a little feedback involving chaos spawns in the video, also sienna conflag staff.

Video: https://imgur.com/a/LndRXQq

Notes on Bots weapons:

In most of those test i only aided the bots when thing got hairy for them to see how they peform, the video only 2 of a couple bots vs hordes, its easy for me to GET IN THERE and kill everything but defeats the purpose

Kruber bot:

Shield & sword: good for cc bad and meh when kruber decides to use light atacks, kruber bot ABUSES heavy atacks with shield&weapons atacks, meaning hes not killing that many enemies, he stun them for quite some time wich is nice but i wouldnt recommed.

Handgun repeater: God tier a long side musket

Iron breaker bot:

Pickaxe: during this whole testing, it felt weird, I DO SEE bardin swinging the pickaxe, but it doesnt seem to hit anything, on my last testing he kill 10 less than kruber not much but its persistent (i sadly didnt took screenshots of every match but he ended up killing less than kruber), so i dont know what to say about his pickaxe handeling (ill test more in the future).

Sidenote: he woops stormverming ass with the pickaxe

Crossbow: He uses it pretty often and can score headshots if the enemy didnt got alerted, its pretty good.

Sienna bot:

Mace: even tho she killed more than the others, i cannot recommend, shes really slow with the mace, out her small weaponry ill consider this one last if i were you.


Conflag staff: Bugged??, she actually uses the secondary fire but its awkward and she rarely hits/kills something with it, also shes really prone to friendly fire, shes like bardin with the flamethrower, she really wants to use it but she just cant, maybe theres certain requeriments that needs to be in motion for her to use it properly?, avoid it until it gets patch/rework on bots.



This was pretty experimental

Sienna bot: 5(1),10(2),15(1),20(2),25(2)

Notes: backblast gives her more breathing room, her 5(#) talents, i can say theyre all good,so pick w/e youll like they all work good on her , essence of syphon its no really worth it in all honesty, dissipate its good but conduit its better imo, blazing crescendo its good if shes in a pinch. its pretty alright, shell perform better if she doesnt have essence syphon.

Bardin bot: 5(1),10(1),15(1),20(2),25(1)

Notes: shield of valaya same as sienna, i downed myself on purpose a couple of times (sometimes dont hehe) and gazuls duty its pretty situational BUT it actually help me tank a couple of hits, i see him block more, he didnt get hit much so i assume it works well, HEART OF GROMRILL!! this one its a trade, see, when ib uses his ult hes gonna block until the effects its over(in my experience), with this hes gonna tank more yeah but YOU'ARE not gonna have a bot for 30 seconds, hes not gonna atack, he just going to block until its gone, so treath carefully.

Kruber bot: 5(1),10(2),15(3),20(2),25(3)

Notes: bulwark same as sienna, counter attack doesnt do anything for what i could tell, drill master its alright you can trough a level faster and get to a position faster,hold ground, its a waste since he barely uses his carrer ability.

Ill edit this post later im going to sleep

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