Warhammer: Vermintide

Bot investigation part 3 INTO THE NEST

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - Bot investigation part 3 INTO THE NEST

By sigmar this was so hard, i died waay to much in these runs but I GOT RESULTS.

Im really happy with this weapon setup with the bots, theyre really good at dealing with hordes and dealing with groups of elites, the setup its way better than the one i used last video, its such a breath of fresh air, kuber its actually KILLING something and not going down every minute its awesome, there some issues in this map that caught my eye i hope they get fixed soon.

VIDEO: https://imgur.com/a/6IVNPKi

Notes: Iron breaker bot its just amazing in general, he provides so much utility to the team, he can tank a lot, of course, theres drawbacks like him just blocking until his ult its gone (in wich some situation it can mean a defeat), shield and hammer extremely good against hordes, horrible agains elites but makes bardin a lot of cc while fighting hordes, drake fire pistols are good against elites, he can do some damage with it, he just doesnt use that much for me to say something, but its good on him nonetheless


Talents: extra 20% health never hurt anyone, iron drake make him shoot more,tunnel fighter so he can tank even more when hes not blocking, booming taunt its too good to not take, pretty standar talent tree.


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