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Bots careers, talents, weapons and tips

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First things first, I'm not a pro at the game, I don't do 360 no scope things, my internet connection is garbage and I end up playing with bots a lot. Some posts about bots might be outdated and many talents were bugged and only worked for the host, I imagine working for bots would be even harder to test. So, I made this post to share some bots builds and tips I came up with, I'd like to know your tips and builds, hopefully I can step into Legend with my fellow bots someday.
I have a 100% win rate when I play only with my well managed bots in Champion; while you can imagine my runs with players were way less successful. The bot's skills can change drastically from one career to another. I currently use:
Sienna Unchained. Since the bots are way more into melee than ranged, mostly changing to range to kill specials, might as well give them a melee build. Sword/Fireball staff (I'm not sure how proficient they are with the beam and they don't use the conflag properly).
Kruber merc/FK. Sadly they underuse FK career skill and don't know how to interrupt the movement, if they used it a lot they could nullify their problem with chaos spawns. Merc kruber use their career skill a lot, so it's up to you, if you want more def or temp hp+stun. Exe sword/Handgun. I like to give bots weapons with wide sweeps that don't require canceling nor jousting. Handgun because bots snipe really well, don't waste ammo and sometimes 360 no scope 1 hit kill.
Kerrilian: I tried to make a waystalker health regen build, but it wasn't very good. And since the bots already snipe special pretty well, I usually go with Handmaiden because of how well stamina aura synergizes with how bots play. Glaive/Longbow
Bardin: IB. If you give him Natural Bond, it's one less character to ever need heal, since he pretty much doesn't take damage ever. Like really, it's very rare for him to end up with more than 70 dmg taken unless chaos spawn/act boss stuff happens. I'm not sure about how bots prioritize light/heavy attacks, and they don't dodge much, so I give him a Pick, so he spams his light attacks on hordes. And a handgun, bots rarely run out of ammo and the sniping 1 shot killing specials is nice.
Saltz bot doesn't exist.
Bots caveats: They don't use bombs(they hold and give it to you after you use yours) nor potions. They are not aware of the Wound mechanics. They prioritize health over tomes. They can't pick grimoires. They absolute SUCK at chaos spawns, making it a nightmare ALWAYS 11 times out of 10, if you play FK kruber you can negate this pretty well using your career to interrupt the grab.
Cons: They are… predictable. If you get to know their behaviour, they won't really stray much from that. You know what to expect, you can plan on it.
They got your back, actually they are always around there. They hold when you are holding, they run when you are running.
They are very good at killing specials. Like, really good. You know that special that no one knows where he is stuck at? Well they do, aaand they killed it. I only wipe at blightstormers when playing with players.
They don't take much damage. There's always an enourmous surplus of health, making all only bots runs feel like a walk in the park.
Thoughts? Tips?

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