Warhammer: Vermintide

Bounty Hunter build (designed around using the Rapier)

warhammer 1 - Bounty Hunter build (designed around using the Rapier)

Hello gents, about a month or two ago I got tired of playing Zealot / WHC / Ironbreaker so I decided to pick up BH for the first time. Currently I've fallen in love with Bounty Hunter (I liked his playstyle ever since I've unlocked him, but I was NOT comfortable with his … squishiness until about a month ago), and have become addicted to using Victor's rapier (seriously please help I can't stop). Now that I've put quite some time into playing him, I wanted to share the build I've settled with and get some feedback / make this build available to anyone who wants to try BH for the first time and can't stop using the rapier. Note: The point of this build is using the rapier, it's just too fun NOT to use (seriously I can't stop using it on all of Victor's careers send help please I think I have a problem)

This build is designed to be my goto build when I'm joining a new party, and as such is designed to be able to deal with as many situations as possible and have some decent defense (in case I end up in a game with 3 other squishies).

Talents: Swift Reload (1) Crippling Strike (3) Inspired Shot (1) Blood for Money (1) Encore (1)

Weapons: Rapier – 5% Attack Speed, 2 Stamina, Resourceful Combatant (I'll explain why in the playstyle section) Crossbow (of course lol) – 5% Crit Chance, 10% Power vs Armor, Scrounger

Baubles: Necklace – 2 Stamina, 20% Extra Health, Natural Bond Charm – 10% power vs Armor, 10% Power vs Chaos, Decanter Trinket – 33% Curse Resistance, 10% Cooldown Reduction


Playstyle / notes: Took the THP on crit / heashot talent because the rapier is so satisfying for headshots, and because you get THP even if you crit with your offhand pistol. The attack speed is to help your offhand pistol come out slightly faster, and the stamina is just there so I can push more often / have a little more defense. The offhand pistol is REALLY GOOD with this setup. It triggers both Resourceful Combatant AND the THP talent. I opted to take RC instead of Swift Slaying (although I have another rapier with swift slaying instead of RC), because BH is not an optimal frontliner. And besides, since in QP there's a decent chance that 1 or more member of my team will take the position of a frontliner (gotta grab them circles right?), I tend to just stay back and watch there backs during a horde and deal with any trickle / and elites that show up during the horde.
I opted to take Encore instead of the Double-shotted talent since I can still easily delete a chaos warrior with my ult in 2 shots as long as Blessed shots is active (and it almost always is with this build). Simply go Crossbow blesses shot -> Ult and they're dead. In general, this build kinda plays like this: Melee kill -> Dodge -> Offhand shot / crossbow shot (to regen ammo -> Repeat.

Anyways, I know this isn't the best build I could be using for BH, but it is a ton of fun and makes me feel like I'm almost re-enacting how Victor was fighting in the opening cinematic to the first game (God damn he was awesome). Hope somebody finds this useful, and if anybody else out there uses Rapier on BH I'd love to hear your thoughts on this build. Cheers!

Edited: Fixed Charm properties

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