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Bounty Hunter Rapier Build(?)

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I was reading build ideas for the Witch Hunter Captain career and noticed some folks really like to use the rapier for its easy headshot pokes and the utility of the pistol shot alt-fire. Then I got to thinking about the Bounty Hunter's talents and how Blessed Shot might pair really well with the pistol shot alt-fire. After minimal testing on a dummy my 600HP Bounty Hunter was doing approximately 4000 dmg for each Blessed Shot affected pistol blast, also the pistol blast doesn't seem to use ammo (I did not take the time to optimize for crit power break points). So now I'm wondering if I could trash clear with the rapier's rapid slash light attack and/or headshot poke heavy attack getting melee kills to reset Blessed Shot then use the pistol shot alt-fire for a crit hit and +2 temp health or against the tough targets like shields, Maulers, and Stormvermin.


My thinking is to still build for maximum crit power through career talents as well as item properties and traits. As of right now my idea is take the talents Make Them Count or Vicious Virtue at lvl 5, Crippling Strike at lvl 10, Pious Ferver at lvl 15, Righteous Zeal at lvl 20, and Encore at lvl 30. On the rapier I was thinking +crit power (obviously) and then some undecided version of +power vs, or maybe something defensive like -block cost or +push/block angle. For a weapon trait either Off Balance or Parry, although if instead of +power vs you took +crit chance Resourceful Combatant could also be helpful.

So what I'm asking is if anyone has thoughts/opinions on this build or if anyone has tried it out and how well it seemed to work.

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