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Bounty Hunter’s 3rd Ultimate Talent (Indiscriminate Blast) actually needs a rework: it’s worthless!

warhammer 8 - Bounty Hunter's 3rd Ultimate Talent (Indiscriminate Blast) actually needs a rework: it's worthless!

So for those who aren't too familiar with what it actually does:

Not Listed: -20% CD Reduction, but it's there.

It will fire two rows of pellets, one that goes above the crosshair and one that goes below. It's a janky row, but you can clearly see it none-the-less.

Each pellet does a fair amount of damage to non-armored enemies of infantry and berserker types: fair enough, it is a shotgun after all.

Upon shooting the ultimate for the first time you will not shoot 'extra' per kill. Rather, you will get a buff that stacks up to +20 (for 20 kills max) so the next time you shoot it, it will add that many more pellets to your ultimate use. If you happen to completely miss and do not hit anything with your ultimate, it will not consume the buff.

It will do roughly 51-52 damage normally (noice), but on armored and monsters it's about -90% damage (not noice) (650 power, Legend).

You might think that a strength potion would make each pellet actually devastating to almost anything but… nope.

On LEGEND, using a STR potion and using your ultimate on a chaos warrior will maybe kill it at close range.

On LEGEND, using a STR potion and using your ultimate on any boss will only improve the damage by about 75% or so. I honestly couldn't tell exactly how much due to how many actually hit the head, how many flew off somewhere, etc, but at the end of the day, it was obviously outclassed by even the default ultimate.

So, when does it shine above the other 2 ultimate talents? Well, there is only one scenario:

-You are in a long corridor and there is a horde in front of you, there are little to no armored enemies or elites, and there may be plague monks / berserkers.

However, even in this situation the ultimate talent is still lacking greatly:

Because of how the pellets land, you might actually end up just shooting an entire row of pellets above their heads. That's a GG.

If you do manage to land it into the hypothetical long hallway, you won't "decimate" it. The pellets are so wide and inconsistent that some guy with a drakegun firing for literally 1 second is able to accomplish more than you could… plus, he might weaken stormvermin in the process.

If you shoot your ultimate into a crowd and there is a stormvermin in the way, pretty much anything behind it will be untouched. And the stormvermin might still be alive.


There is the rare occasion where everything works out: you have the 20 bullet buff and you just unleash it into a long hallway crowd (with no armored enemies!) and makes a nice divide like Moses parting the Nile river. Not only is this a rare occurrence, but doesn't really accomplish anything. Outcast Engineer does it miles better and he's able to sustain that parting for a long time.

If you manage to somehow find yourself in a long hallway with a horde of plague monks, this ultimate would outshine the others. Unfortunately, that never happens and you are more likely to miss many of your pellets.

As a horde clearer, it's bad. As an anything killer, it's subpar. It's worthless. Even using mods to give it a zero second cooldown you had to fire it like 3-4 times in a row to make it feel worth anything, and even then you'd still wish you had the other talent.

The first talent is meant to be used more for general use (specials, elite quick snipe), hence the shorter CD times regardless of where it hits. The second is an absolute boss killer with good aim (and also destroy chaos warriors). So what's the third for? Horde clear? Even still, we all know a single-use one-shot horde killing attack is basically pointless. The third talent should not be for horde clear.

If the third talent could be for patrols/CC then I think way more people would be willing to take it.

My rework:

It's very simple: keep it as is but remove the 20 pellet thing (which is pretty worthless to begin with): instead, make the pellets penetrate everything (damage should falloff per penetration) and knockdown everything on their backs, including Chaos Warriors. A ranged footknight charge, but with a longer CD, narrower, janky at long ranges, etc while eliminating some trash vermin along the way.

This buys you great time against emergency threats and would be a competitive choice against the other two, as while the double shotted talent is nice you can't deal with 3 chaos warriors at once or a sudden patrol attack. My rework would not kill the 3 warriors (in fact, basically no damage), but it would give you enough time for you and your team to dispatch them safely. Plus, your crit talent that causes enemies to take more damage would proc, thus it could also act as a debuffer against a large group of enemies.

It would also be nice if it did a bit more damage to monsters specifically (definitely not as much as double shotted), but it's not as needed.

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