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Bounty Hunter’s Volley Crossbow Damage Tests vs. Chaos Warriors

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I did some testing with the Bounty Hunter to see just how much damage the Volley Crossbow deals against Chaos Warriors with different properties and damage modifiers. With my current setup it takes three critical body shots and two critical head shots to down a Chaos Warrior, but it's rather annoying not knowing just how much HP they have after 1-2 shots. If anyone didn't already know, the 1.0.5 patch that fixed Hero Power scaling and bugged talents also made it so that the property "% vs Armored" now works against Chaos Warriors. This makes it a valuable stat against both Chaos and Skaven elites as well as the two armored specials. I haven't tested if it works against Stormfiends and other bosses since that is much harder and tedious to do, so I'm waiting for mods to test that one out. A few things before we start:

All testing was done on Chaos Warriors with 600 Hero Power on Legend difficulty during the patch. All shots were point blank shots without any damage falloff and were critical hits using Blessed Shots. One test was done for both body shots and head shots without the Crippling Strike talent (25% Critical Damage) to test if it worked and how much of an impact the talent had when combined with the head shot multiplier. Head shots were tested multiple times to ensure all arrows hit and the results were accurate.

Body shots:

  • 0% vs anything (without Crippling Strike talent): 28 damage
  • 0% vs anything: 31 damage
  • 10% vs Chaos: 34 damage
  • 10% vs Armored: 34 damage
  • 20% vs Armored: 37 damage
  • 10% vs Armored, 20% Critical Power: 37 damage
  • 10% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos: 38 damage
  • 20% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos: 41 damage
  • 10% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos, 20% Crit Power: 41 damage
  • 20% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos, 20% Crit Power: 44 damage

Head shots:

  • 20% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos (without Crippling Strike talent): 53 damage
  • 20% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos: 60 damage
  • 20% vs Armored, 10% vs Chaos, 20% Crit Power: 67 damage

Overall, it seems that Crit Power adds about the same amount of damage as the power vs. stat, but is only useful for a class that can consistently make use of the crits. It might be better if I rerolled my Volley Crossbow from Crit Power to %vs Chaos to have more consistent damage against Chaos Spawns and Bile Trolls when Blessed Shots isn't available. I would test if 40% damage increase is the same as 30% with 20% Crit Power, but I'm all out of green dust. Critical body shots with 30% increased damage and 20% Crit Power deal a bit more than a third of a Chaos Warriors HP and a head shot takes off a little over half of its 120 HP.

Additionally, I tested the Repeater Pistol with 10% vs Armored, 20% vs Chaos, and 20% Crit Power along with the Hunter trait. Body shots with this setup deal 50 damage and head shots deal 62 damage. Because of the wider spread of the Repeater Pistol, I tested this one at least 10 times with the most consistent and highest result being 62 damage. The nerfs applied to this weapon in 1.0.6 make it weaker in every aspect of the game compared to the Volley Crossbow, except the 6 increased damage when hitting a Chaos Warrior with body shots.

I hope some Saltzpyre players out there find this information useful and if there are any questions feel free to ask.

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