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warhammer 5 - Brace of Pistols Discussion

Hey gang,

A more experienced player than myself told me that this was a good place for this. I am kinda disappointed in the new Brace of Pistols. I get the idea that fatshark would want to nerf the Ammobox ranged spam that occurred at it, that was pretty good, however this change kind of gutted the BoP for me.

I am by no means a good player, and I know the game is not balanced around my needs as a sub-par player, but the current brace of pistols with its 10 seconds reload time sucks all the fun out of the weapon for me. I would be totally fine with reverting the november 1.3 patch over the current one. I dont need them to be good, I need them to feel satisfying. Having to reload for 10 seconds after firing 12 bullets does not do it for me.


The charm of this weapon is to fire it into an approaching mob, taking out the scary targets before they reach you, sacrificing more ammo than you should in the proces. That was fun, engaging and very satisfying. I don't need them to be another special sniping piece of hardware, i just want to unload upon the unsuspecting skaven horde and unleash Sigmars divine wrath while laughing maniacally. It would be great if the BoP could be toned down in a way that doesn't interfere with that righteous feeling.

Do you agree? Am I an id*ot who doesn't know what he's talking about? Do you have suggestions of making the weapon fun without changing its mechanics? I'd love to hear it.

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