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Breakdown of Broken Critical Multipliers

warhammer 2 - Breakdown of Broken Critical Multipliers

The assumed rule is that an attack should always do more damage when it's a critical hit. However, some weapon attacks break this rule. They either deal less critical damage than non-critical damage or deal less critical headshot damage than headshot damage or both against specific armor types. A few of them have already been reported on Fatshark's forums (Sword and Shield, Dual Axes, Glaive) and some since then have been fixed (Executioner Sword, Dual Daggers).

Below is a list of all the broken attacks as of

  • Sword/Hammer/Axe and Shield – Heavy 1 critical against monster
  • Sword and Shield – Heavy Stab critical against armored/superarmored
  • Dual Axes – Push Attack critical against infantry/armored/superarmored
  • Flame Sword – Heavy 2 critical against monster/berserker
  • Glaive – Heavy 2 critical against armored/superarmored
  • Fireball/Conflag Staff – Light Attack critical against monster
  • Hagbane – Charged Shot projectile critical against monster/berserker
  • Flamethrowers – Flame critical against monster
  • Shotgun – Shot critical against berserker

I choose not to include damage tables for every weapon, but those interested in the numbers can use SquattingBear's Damage Spreadsheet (for attacks without a target 1 override the default target damage is rightmost).

When your attack is a critical hit it increases damage in 2 ways.

  1. The final damage value is boosted by a critical/headshot modifier. This part doesn't cause the broken critical multipliers mentioned above. This wall of text explains boost damage from criticals/headshots in more depth.
  2. Before the final damage value is calculated, the damage calculator pulls two multipliers from an attack's damage profile. One of those multipliers is overridden on critical hits effectively giving some attacks "armor pen".

The two multipliers pulled from damage profiles are power_distribution and armor_modifier. The order in which it checks for these variables is:

  1. targets is used for overriding the base multipliers against first, second, etc. target hit.
  2. default_target is used when no targets override exists for the target # hit.
  3. base armor_modifier in the damage profile is used when no alternative option exists.

When the attack is a critical it replaces its search for armor_modifier with critical_strike. For the broken critical multipliers the multipliers from critical_strike are lower than the multipliers from armor_modifier for certain armor types causing less critical damage against those armor types.


Take for example Glaive Heavy 2 (GH2). Its damage profile doesn't have a targets override for first target hit but does have default_target armor_modifier to fall back on.

default_target - armor_modifier infantry = 1 berserker = 0.75 armored = 0.75 

GH2's damage profile has no default_target critical_strike so on a critical hit it falls back to its base critical_strike.

base - critical_strike infantry = 1 berserker = 1 armored = 0.5 

This damage table for GH2 shows its broken critical damage against armored.

Glaive Heavy 2 (GH2)NormalHeadshotCriticalHeadshot Critical

We can see that, while critical damage is higher than normal damage, the critical headshot damage is less than the headshot damage. The armor_modifier and critical_strike multipliers used are 0.75 for non-criticals and 0.5 for criticals. That's 33% (0.5 / 0.75) less damage on criticals. If we increase the critical damage against armored by 50% (0.75 / 0.5) it returns unbroken numbers for armored damage in the table.

Glaive Heavy 2 (GH2)NormalHeadshotCriticalHeadshot Critical

This happens because GH2's damage profile uses a template with base armor_modifier and base critical_strike and then creates default_target armor_modifier with a higher armored multiplier. Since it doesn't create default_target critical_strike or modify base critical_strike to match the multipliers from default_target armor_modifier it causes the criticals to fall back to base critical_strike and do less critical damage against armor.

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