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Breakpoints Question / Discussion.

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As a lot of other people, I looked up Breakpoints and i'm struggling to see the real "point" of it, maybe someone can point me in the right direction on what I am missing.

Example: Slayer | Dual Axe & 2h Hammer

To reach the desired breakpoints, I lose either 10% attack speed or 5% attack speed & 5% crit chance.

I sacrifice those stats to be able to reduce the amount of hits needed by 1. So instead of 4 hits I need 3.

I notice the missing 10% attack speed a lot.

This is what got me thinking from my personal game experience. There is barely ever a time I have to solo a Chaos Warrior, have no Bounty Hunter, no Huntsman, no shade, no Waywatcher, no Kruber with Halberd.

What i'm saying is, i'm not the only one dpsing the Chaos Warrior.


With that being said, as there is barely a time where I'm the only one dpsing a special enemy, the breakpoints become somewhat invalid as I do not know how much dmg my team is doing.

On the other hand, if I use my 10% more attack speed, I shred waves like no ones business, never struggled with any Elite enemies, nor Chaos, nor whatever.

I'm going to leave a picture of a regular Legend run with no breakpoints but with 10% more attack speed. (mind you, it's the highest I ever managed, I normally pull about 12-15k.)

Ps: The pic is by far no means of me bragging about anything, i'm simply using it as a reference to my no breakpoint build.


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