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Bright Wizard in VT 2

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Hey guys, I'm new to the Vermintide series, but I had my eye on VT 1 for a while before being distracted by other things.

A few days ago I saw the announcement about VT2 open beta, and hopped on immediately. Picked myself a wizard, failed the first 10 missions, but am now starting to grind up.

My questions are pretty simple.

  1. Is the wizard just complete ass? I feel like every game I play in, even if I feel I'm absolutely demolishing mobs and bosses, the level 4 dwarf out damages me, or the guy who has the dagger elf unlocked is just absolutely carrying. Bolt staff seems to do the most damage, regardless of power, but maybe I haven't seen everything yet. Is wizard just undertuned?

  2. 'Righteous Stand' seems to be by far the easiest map. I can farm this one all day, and it seems like most other people too. However, Against the Grain I only complete maybe 1/2 the time, and the forest one I have only ever completed ONCE. Are there large disparities in map difficulty?

  3. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT STUFF DOES? Why, if I have two staffs, one with 30 power and one with 15, does the 15 power bolt staff consistently provide higher damage than a 30 damage fireball staff? What the hell? Do other specs suffer from this? There is almost nothing out there to help noobs learn how to get better at VT2. I understand it is early, but there needs to be some tools tips or something. I'm happy to keep playing and learning, but 90% of the people who buy this game on a whim will not be. They will play a few missions, fail them all, try to learn how to get better so they might not fail, and find nothing. Afterward, they will refund and write a bad review — and I don't blame them.

  4. Are the posts and attitudes I see at a glance indicative of this subreddit? Of this community? It seems like a lot of people are super absorbed with this weird elitist mentality surrounding the game. That's fine, but don't actively shut down conversation about helping the playerbase grow. That's how people end up in a teeny tiny toxic echo chamber.

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