Warhammer: Vermintide

Bright Wizard: need for some advice

warhammer 9 - Bright Wizard: need for some advice

Hello there.

I need some tips and suggestions from Sienna's experienced players about Bright Wizard class.

I've played a lot as unchained since game release, and also pyromancer and both are cool, versatile, capable to carry whole team etc etc. They are ok. But i have some issues with BW.

My personal problem is to find a way to kill CW (and SV more quickly) while be able to get decent amount of temp hp (sometimes it's really usefull) while being able to deal with hordes. I've tried all weapons and still haven't figured which setup is more versatile overall for BW.

Question is: how do you people handle BW in general? How are you dealing with CW/SV patrols?

So far i get to the point that the only viable melee weapon for BW that allows you to deal with all situations is mace. It's boring, i'm tired of it but it really gives you a way to kill everything and also maintain temphp from staggering enemies. And also it allows you to deal damage to CW sustainably.

Crowbill is very good for killing anything armored but it gives you temphp almost only from armored targets because they're the only ones whom you can stagger. I haven't noticed much staggering on "soft" targets.

Sword/Fire sword are good at gaining temphp on hordes (really good) but killing CW takes you ages. Stacking DoT from fire sword doesn't seems helping much – stacking and infinite burning tooks ages anyways to burn CW to death. If it even works, because i'm not sure here. More seems like claw attack deal some damage and that's all.

Dagger isn't very good in general, imho. It has too narrow angle of attack and low range of attack, and low speed of charged attacks to rely on it in terms of fighting whole CW patrol and hordes. But maybe it's just me.


Staves don't do damage to CW in general. While you can kill SV more or less, CW is another story to tell.

Beam staff seems to deal damage only on crits. So it's similar to burning – it tooks ages to kill single CW. Dealing with patrol is hard as hell when you need to dodge attacks.

Same story for fireball/conflagration staff. Works only with crits and still you need ridiculous amount of his to kill CW.

Flamestorm staff… don't deal damage at all? It stagger CW and allows you to control patrol (more or less), but to kill it if you're last man standing is impossible.

Bolt staff… Well, bolt staff allows you to deal damage with lvl3 charge bolt. Even if it hits body. And it tooks 3 shot to head or 6 shots to body to kill CW. 3/6 shot of 3lvl charged bolt. Even for BW it's a long time to charge when there is a bunch of CWs trying to hit you every moment. And there is a hard task to hit a head. And you should wait then to vent overcharge after 3-4 shots and do nothing. So while we can say that bolt staff works for killing CW in fact, it's very hard.

So… I just want to know how you people dealing with all of this. Last few days i was playing with flaming sword and bolt staff. And it's more or less viable if you teammates know what to do. If the capable of taking out CW while you're killing the horde everything is ok. But if everything went south and you got separated and teammates are panicking (and maybe you're in panick also) then it's death for your party almost for sure. Because even if i managed to stay alive (and most of time i will) then i just can't kill a bunch of CW. There only things i can do really is to kite them towards respawn spot to bring teammates back to help me.

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