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Buff Bardin Handgun (and maybe crossbow)

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I can't possibly be the only one feeling this (maybe I am because everyone seems to just play ironbreaker and use the pistols or flamecannon) but Bardin, especially on VR, suffers from what I like to call "all my ranged weapons suck except for the grudgeraker which does not coincide well with my role" syndrome.

I would be remiss if i did not point out that VRs entire talent tree is a slapdash mess. I know hes a 'support' role but thats no excuse for having lackluster talents. 25% power when out of ammo? Im constantly picking up ammo. Useless. And the career skill is essentially a worse huntsman ult, which is really only good for sneaking revives and getting behind armored patrols


The current iteration of the handgun is mystifying to me. I see no reason for it to ever be used. It might not be noticeable in veteran or champion, but on legend this thing is a downright liability. It has a pitiful ammo count, takes too long for the crosshairs to shrink when ADS, and it can't even 1 shot specials. Put that together with a long reload and its a recipe for disaster. The crossbow is only slightly better, bringing some cleave and a faster reload. But when you see what the grudgeraker does its a no brainer, do you want to spend half the game reloading or do you want to cleave down an entire horde wave in 2 shots and 1 shot rothelms/SV

This got to be more rant-y than i originally wanted but I just think VR bardin should be able to do well in his role without having to use the grudgeraker all the time. I don't think some tweaks to his ranged options is asking the world.

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