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Buff the Shade

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The Shade should be a high skill DPS character that can handle multiple chaos warriors, storm vermin and rot helms at once. Instead she is limited to doing massive damage to a single target before being overwhelmed, as her invisibility from her ultimate drops once you land a hit.

  She needs to be reworked a little to make her effective. My suggestion is to remove all damage buffs on her backstab (meaning bonus damage on backstab and ultimate bonus damage) and instead replace them with a 50-75% chance of crit when doing back stabs. Along with this change allow her ult invisibility to continue even when you are landing attacks.

  This would allow the shade to be a more crit based character, more rewarded for backstabs as she can have higher sustain with health on crit. And allow her to deal with multiple elite enemies during her ult as she can attack without losing invisibility.


  Right now, it is far too difficult to go for back-stabs against enemies when it actually matters (like during a horde or when facing multiple elite enemies).

  Shade should play as a glass cannon that shreds the enemy from behind enemy lines, but retains her very risky gameplay with low stamina and bad cleave that has her at risk of dying easily if surrounded.

  Right now the risk reward is way off and the waystalker is far better at just sniping elites safely from a distance. Shade risks so much more to kill elites already, I don't think it would be OP to give her the ability to kill them more effectivley than waystalker due to this risk.

  Perhaps a 20-30% reduction in shades ultimate would be needed as well, as the cooldown is very long at the moment.

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