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Building the new Meta

warhammer 9 - Building the new Meta

Hello everyone, now that some of us have had some time to get used to the new changes I wanted to create a thread where we can post what is working for us in regards to builds for specific characters.

What I am imagining here is that people will post a full build with play strategy and have others critique it and offer alternatives so that we can find optimal solutions. I'd ask that each career be its own comment chain. Personally, I am regularly getting a good bit of challenge out of Legend QPs with PUGs so that is what I'm going for here.

Witch Hunter Captain – Specials, Elites, Horde Clear


1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2

Hunter's Ardour: Temp health on headshot or crit.

Death Knell: Increased headshot damage by 50%.

Assassin: Increased headshot and crit damage by 40%.

Templar's Knowledge: Tagged enemies take 25% damage (though take whichever one you think best).

Cast Away: Regen stamina when using pushes.

Fervency: All his melee attacks will crit while under the effects of ult.


Melee: Rapier with Swift Slaying (still toying with properties. Attack speed and crit chance are good. Stamina and push angle are also good, will try Crit Chance and Stamina together, might be worth trying with crit damage)

Range: Brace of Pistols with Scrounger for ammo sustain and power vs Armor (need a new Breakpoint Calculator to get this tuned properly)

Necklace: 2 stamina, 20 health. Boon of Shalya

Charm: 10% power vs Chaos, 10% power vs Armor, Decanter

Trinket: Crit Chance, Curse Resist, Grenadier

Tactics: Largely unchanged from previous patches, though I believe he is stronger now with the changes to his ult.

Hordes: Rapier's horde clear is great. Push stab, left-click left-click, dodge. Nothing new here, but with stamina regen trait coupled with Eternal Guard, you can perform this indefinitely. Rapier still has great dodge distance and maneuverability as well as dps with Swift Slaying. You must maximize headshots for kills but even if you miss you will still be staggering them for your teammates. I've found that I do not get hit often even with spammed dodges. If you are low on health, your auto-crit ult combined with temp health on crit and Boon of Shalya will generally bring you back to full.

Mixed Hordes: This is where your ult shines. Essentially you want to let them stack up a bit then activate your ult. With every swing a crit you will be tearing through the trash headshots or no. This enables you to quickly get to the elites and, again, headshots or no they are going down quickly. Alternatively, you are also particularly well suited to simply dodging back a step and putting two rounds from the BoP into each elite. This will bring down anything save a Chaos Warrior.

Chaos Warriors: Attempt to reach them before every member of your team hacks them into small pieces. Honestly, these are such large targets that everyone loves to kill them, myself included. If you are fighting a CW one on one your best bet is to charge a full stab and jump while aiming just over the CW's head. A few of these and he'll be done. If he needs to die extremely quickly, same strategy but with your ult and uncharged power attacks after an opening fully charged one. However, in general, just ensure he is tagged so your teammates put him down faster and kill anything around him so they don't hit your teammates as they bullrush the CW.

Storm Vermin: One fully charged stab to the head. Alternatively 2 BoP shots

Shielded Storm Vermin: Two pushes bring down the shield then same as above.


Bestigor: One fully charged stab to the head, or two BoP shots. Fairly easy to dodge the charge, then mop him up.

BDSM Chaos Warrior: Whatever his name is. The guy with the hood. Offhand pistol to the body, quick stab to the head, one more offhand pistol to the body.

Standard Bearer: If you see him before he plants then gun him down with BoP. I've not fully tested it but I believe his armor blocks body shots, so aim for the head or get lots of crits. If he plants you essentially have two options: The first is to simply hold the line while someone who has more maneuverability with their Ult (Bright Wizard, Handmaiden, Footknight, etc.) takes out the banner. If that is not an option then treat it like a mixed horde. Let everything stack up then pop your ult. Spam light attacks and kill the banner. Often you will get there just as everything is getting back up and your ult effect is ending.

Patrols: Used to was people triggered pats on purpose for a challenge but personally, I've gone back to hiding. If you have a bomb, throw it, if you have a potion, drink it. Above everything do not panic. You can thin the patrol substantially by targeting unshielded storm vermin or BDSM guys with your BoP. Tag, Boom Boom, repeat. If you hit your marks then that's six large threats from the patrol gone without reloading. Now, let us not forget Killing Shot which will kill anything but a CW with one crit. Further, let us not forget that our ult makes every attack a crit. YOU STILL NEED TO BE CAREFUL. Overheads still hurt. While everything is on its ass you have free reign but it does not last forever. Utilizing push stabs will keep your block up more often so use them. Triggered patrols need to be put down quickly because the AI Director is going to start throwing hordes and disablers at you and that will often be the end of the run.

Bosses (Including Minotaur): Hope to fuck whoever it was that brought boss damage can stay alive long enough to use it. It seems like people are not bringing boss damage weapons as often now given the increased challenge with hordes and I'm seeing a lot of wipes once a boss shows up. So basically, boss DPS is not what this build is made for, but that does not mean you can't be instrumental here. Keeping the boss tagged essentially takes a quarter off his health so make sure your team is tagging or you keep him tagged yourself. Save your ult for when things go tits up, it may be the only way to rescue a critical teammate or stop a horde long enough to kill the boss.

WHC here has one of two jobs. If you have poor boss damage as a team then your maneuverability makes you uniquely qualified to kite the boss while other people do what they can. Remember that you can shoot your offhand pistol while blocking. Go for the head. If you do have decent boss damage on your team then you need to do whatever you can to keep them alive. Kill ambients, hold the horde off, kill specials and elites, tag the boss. Remember that if the boss is low then a barrage from the BoP can put it down, but generally, it is better to keep your ammo for specials.

Other notes

Overall remember that team composition is more important than it was before. WHC can fill several roles by himself but you still need to ensure all critical roles are filled and know that it will often be up to you to make the change.

(I'll be writing up a BW and Pyro build next but I'd summarize them as Brightwizard: Everything Burns! and Pyromancer: That thing in particular burns!)

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