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By Grimnir! – My 2 brass coppers worth After the beta

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First off I want to say I had a blast on the beta, great job Fatshark! I'm currently awaiting phase 4 with bated breath. As an aside your open beta strategy secured you at least one more pre-order, so well played there. Anyway pre-amble over I just wanted to share a bit of feedback based on my experience so far.

Crafting- Overall an improvement, removing the requirement to unlock traits with gems is a much better design decision for a start. Creating weapons is likewise a much better process, as is the division of stats into properties and traits. However my thought is that it would be much better if we could lock one of the properties when rerolling, even if this cost extra gems to do. It's simply frustrating that as things stand you are incentivised to stop rolling once you get one property you want. RNGesus certainly has It's place but too much of that wazzock leads to intense irritation.

UI- My main gripe, and it's not exactly a new one as VT1 was similar. But for the love of Valaya can we not please see numerical values for abilities? An example – I have a slayer talent that states you get a defence buff as part of the career passive. All well and good, but it would be useful to know what defence means in this context. Without knowing the exact benefits of talents it makes choosing them something of a guessing game. Yes I'm sure at some point some wise Rhunki will data mine the game and provide us with values, but it really should be more accessible with that. A simlar thing applies to weapons, at least in VT1 it gave a breakdown of whether the weapon was armour piercing and such forth.


Gameplay- There's already been a lot of discussion about the actual game play so I won't replicate that here. Although I do think the charge ability for the Zealot needs a bit of love as it's simply not in the same league as my Slayer's leap. While Bardin sometimes gets 'carried away' when hitting a sloped surface and overshoots hugely, I'll be a bit sad when that gets fixed as the enthusiasm always makes me chuckle (less so my team admittedly…). My co-op partner is nothing but frustrated with the Zealot's charge as it seems the buff is mostly used up by the time the animation ends and it could do with at least staggering any enemies it hits. So maybe increase the buff duration by the amount taken for the animation?

Once again, really impressed with the game thus far and I'm hyped about a game for the first time in a while. I'm looking forward to playing the full game and seeing what the future holds for Vermintide 2.

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