Warhammer: Vermintide

Can we be real about all of this?

chivalry screenshot1 - Can we be real about all of this?

I said this in a comment, but I figured I'd just make a post and expand on it a little more. You can love the game and the devs, but people are blowing both sides out of proportion; as in, the negativity (how things have been said) and the defense (those highly upvoted posts right now).

The fact that most people that defend it say "small dev, small team, low price of $30" should reflect on the world. Just because something is a lot cheaper than the rest and a lot better than the "norm" (makes me wanna sigh), that's not acceptable. It's like being constantly forced to eat shit (unfinished/semi-unfinished games constantly being released) and then the few that force you to eat a lesser amount of shit, are suddenly put on a pedestal and exalted by a lot of people. In the end, you're still eating shit. Why people are content with that, I'll never know.


So many bugs at the start. Some that cause constant crashes. Some that uninstall the game. The A.I. director which can just ruin so many runs and your time. The worthlessness​ of certain classes and weapons. The horrible crafting system (I mean, let's be real here). The insanely low chance for cosmetics and reds (none in my over 150 hours). Amongst many others. And now, the lack of any significant answers about the future and small teases during the stream are what broke the camel's back.

It's amazing and great that so many patches and work is being done and has been done, but these things can still be said WHILE feeling much love for the game. They SHOULD be said. But, this is just my two cents.

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