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Can We Get a Steam Tank Level? Please, Fatshark?

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Ever since the Death on the Reik map where you fight on your ship, I've been wanting more maps that have these kinds of atmospheric events in them. It seems like a lot of people have similar interest in expanding on that idea, like wanting to have a Mine Cart map where you actually have to ride in the cart (imagine shooting/beating back rats that are trying to kill you while zipping down a mine shaft of various light/dark levels).

I would really like to see a few levels that work akin to a semi escort/rail-shooter mission but with a hazardous twist (I suppose it would be more like "Fury" with rats and Chaos). The gang has to escort (IE, commandeer) a Steam Tank lost behind enemy lines, make repairs to it once it's discovered to get it moving, and then take up assigned roles to crew the tank. One player drives/operates the ram, one person operates the rotary canon, one person fires/reloads the main gun, and another keeps the tank running/makes repairs to the treads/outside to keep the thing moving.

At times, if the tank's propulsion or wheels/treads are broken everyone has to help keep the horde away lest the repairman is killed or the tank is overrun/destroyed, so it's not just a breezy drive-through in an overpowered tank.


I imagine a level with more specials/mini bosses than usual along with beefier-than-usual hazards where you need the tank's weaponry to survive, but also where damage to the tank can cause problems that require temporary fixes to keep it running.

Worst-case, make it a variable rail-shooter where you're in the tank operating things while an NPC is driving the tank and giving you instructions for what to do.

End-boss is something huge, where you need the tank to complete the level (IE, to smash down the gates to the final boss) where you have to find an Abomination or something like a wave of Bile Trolls.

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Any variations of course would be cool, but I really want to see more interactive levels like this where you have to work together in a different way than usual to succeed, while creating an even more hazardous/desperate feeling environment but you have some devastating tools at your disposal that you can use as you see fit (but it only really works if you work together).


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