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Can we get *some* sanctioned mods?

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The lack of content has people justifiably bored. An, "easy" way to alleviate this would be to sanction the clearly harmless mods. There are only 4.5 pages of mods on the entire workshop and for most of them, it is obvious whether they should be allowed in the official realm or not. Creature spawner, Item spawner, Spawn tweaks, no ult cooldown, superfast attack speed… There's also a handful of spam/irrelevant mods that can be written off like Remove Redshell, TestMod-HelloWorld or D-Lang. Right off the bat, half the workshop needs only a cursory glance to conclude, "nope no sanction."

Then we have the opposite, which are mods that will be sanctioned even if FS implements obtusely restrictive mod rules. Numeric UI, Bestiary, Weapon Kill Counter, Show Ping, Mission Timer, Scoreboard tweaks, Sticky Grim, Persistent Ammo Counter. There are a quantity of quality of life mods that do not tweak the game to make it easier or somehow warp FS's vision for the game.

The only mods left are difficulty modifiers that make the game harder and things like Kick/Ban, damage numbers or skip cutscenes. Maybe FS doesn't want to give hosts the ability to kick at whim, or damage numbers warp the atmosphere too much. Maybe some players skipping cutscenes with mods while others wait is a bad thing from a developer point of view. Sure. You could even argue the, "auto block when the chatbox is open" gives a slim advantage. However this last category of, "it depends on how strict they are" mods is a small fraction of the total mods in the workshop.


Assuming that FS will have reasonable guidelines for what gets sanctioned can we have the most basic mods allowed in the official realm? I think the UI tweaks especially would help refresh the game for a while as new content continues to be worked on.

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I imagine this won't happen because it probably takes more work than I think and part of the sanctioning process is making sure there aren't cheats disguised as UI mods. Anyways food for thought. I spent about 80 hours practicing true solos and it feels awful returning to the official realm. I hope the /killbots command and harder difficulty mods make it into the official realm. I would play nothing but deeds/true solo/deathwish difficulty if there was a way to matchmake for it in the official realm. I don't care if the reward is legend level vaults for true soloing, just let me get xp progress and levels completed as whatever subclass while having access to something more challenging than legend.

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