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Can we talk about ranged weapons more?

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Ok so, I'm still waiting for my melee focused game. It's getting real boring watching the local ammo dump machines' backs as more and more people realize the new-ish builds like BH Xbow, Huntsman in general, etc.

One thing is Huntsman autocritting bosses to death in 5 shots, but when every Bounty Hunter can literally shoot every ambient slave rat with a Crossbow, maybe the amount of ammo you get should be looked at, just a tiny bit? One day? I mean, I don't think that fundamentally the game will reach any sort of balance unless Scrounger stops existing in it's current form. Even with 15% crit, Scrounger assuming no cleave still yields 30% ammo retention. That's about 43% more ammo for a single trait. If you're using a weapon that can ammo dump on a boss, that's 43% more damage, vastly outdoing the value of Barrage or Hunter, the traits that are designed to give you more damage. If you hit at least 2 enemies with each shot, with literally no other crit synergies, you're sitting at 60% ammo retention, or 150% additional ammo. Now if you play say, BH with free crits, or anyone with 20% crit chance, or Huntsman with 45% crit chance after every headshot, or just you know, pyro with literally anything since temp health is enough for her anyway – there's not many scraps left for melee players.

Now obviously, many ranged only teams don't work because a lot of players who, understandably don't need to learn melee, don't understand how to melee during the few occasions they're actually required to. But when you're playing melee, and your only job is to watch your Laser beam wielding orange haired granny's ass, it gets a bit boring. Or rather, tremendously boring.


If ranged weapons are going to deal significantly more damage than melee weapons, they need to be limited by ammo. Right now, they're not. They haven't been for a long time. I imagine this is even worse in Champion and other easier difficulties, because it's bad enough in Legend.

So can we drum up some more attention around this? It seems to be the simplest way to get Fatshark to change things. When they did 1.0.5 they talked about being on par with a difficulty, and how you shouldn't be on par with Legend, it should be a difficult challenge. Well, pressing mouse1 vaguely into the direction of the horde that's being staggered by a laser beam with probably a hail of other arrows, bullets or various forms of fireballs – there's not much effort required to just exterminate absolutely everything on the map. The only danger for ranged focused teams really is ambushes when they're not in one of the many chokes on each map, and only until they get there. And of course, ambushes aren't any harder for them compared to melee focused classes because every ranged character either has access to the exact same quality weapons that the melee characters do (like Falchion, Halberd, Glaive) or just don't really need it (beam).

Or does nobody else feel this is an important issue? I haven't really seen much talk about it lately outside of Hobo Kruber and his root trunk branch patrol b-gone.

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