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warhammer 7 - Career balancing ideas

The careers and balancing in this game are the best they have ever been, but that doesn’t mean that improvements can’t be made. I’ll make a list for all careers in the game and the changes I personally would like to see in the next balance beta. Keep in mind that I am in no way a game developer or am demanding these changes I just want to create a constructive discussion, so feel free to give feedback.

Mercenary – lvl 10: Helborg’s Tutelage feels underwhelming and out of place for his lvl 10 talent (the other 2 talents increase cleave/horde clear). Another talent that increases horde clear in a different way would be welcome.

  • lvl 25: Stand Clear is pretty boring, simple as that. 20% extra dodge range is not a bad stat, but compared to damage resistance when paced strikes are active (rewarding you for keeping the passive up) or extra ammo suppiles, it feels a bit plain. Another talent that give mercenary a bit of utility would be nice. Maybe a talent similar to pyromancer’s Spirit-Casting (increases crit chance when high hp) would be a good choice, seeing that mercenary generates a lot of temp hp and would reward that style of gameplay

Huntsman – giving him a passive that instead of decreasing ranged damage the longer the bullet/arrow travels, but increasing it would be a nice little gimmick to play him ranged a little more.

  • lvl 20: Burst of Enthusiasm (temp hp on ranged headshots or crits) is nice and all, but never feels worth over more damage or reload speed when you think about Huntsman’s role in the team. Maybe buffing the talent so that teamates get 1/4 of the effect? That would certainly make huntsman a more desired pick in some teams.

Foot knight – his rework was pretty great, honestly. No talent of his that need to be changed comes to my mind. All the talents I thought needed changing were changed.

Grail Knight -lvl 20: Virtue of Purity is a well balances talent. The only thing in it that needs changing is the hp regen, because it currently doubles the effect of hp regen, making it even more powerful than it needs to be. Decreasing the 2 hp per 5 seconds to 1,5 hp per 5 seconds would be nice. The current iteration feels too stong at the moment.

Ranger Veteran – lvl 10: Foe Feller is a 5% increase in attack speed, nothing else needed to say about it. The other 2 lvl 10 talents have something to do with you ranged weapon, so maybe changing it to a talent that increases range weapon headshot damage would be nice?

Ironbreaker – same as Foot Knight, nothing much to say here. The character and his talents stand on a very good spot right now.

Slayer – lvl 25: Barge pushes enemies away, so it wants to be like Wraith-Walk, but it feels a little worse. Not only that, but the other 2 choices feel much better to pick. Maybe changing the talent so that not only Bardin pushes enemies, but passes through them would be a welcome change.

-lvl 30: Dawi Drop increases damage mid-leap. The thing is, attacking while leaping not only is hard, but you can only fit 1 to 2 attacks. I know that a pickaxes charge attack and a bomb mid-leap do very heavy damage, but in the end its just pretty gimmicky and not very useful. Keeping not only the leap damage bonus (250%), but increasing damage after landing (150% for 2s~) would be a welcome change.

Outcast Engineer – this is the only character that I don’t have experience with, so I cant say anything about him. Feel free to talk about him and his talents in the comments.

Waystalker – lvl 10: Drakira’s Alacrity increases attack speed by 15% for 5s after landing a ranged headshot. It’s not a bad buff, but the problem is the small time frame. 5s is barely enough to fit in 4 hits in enemies right in front of you, and if you are scoring ranged headshots, you probably have some distance from all enemies. This means that you almost always only increase fire rate on the bow and nothing else, but all special die in one headshot from the longbow already, hagbane is usually aimed at the chest and swiftbow is mostly spammed with no precision. So this talent mostly sees use when shooting bosses, hordes or multiple specials in a row (2 of those are not the primary targets of waystalker anyway). Either increasing the time to 10s (so you can actually use this for melee) or giving a decreasing the attack speed to a 10% increase and giving a mild power increase (so its more desirable against hordes and bosses)

  • lvl 25: ricochet feel extremely underwhelming. Buffing it so that it can go through at least 1 enemy before stopping the ricochet effect would be nice.

Handmaiden – same as Foot Knight and Ironbreaker. Pretty much everything on her feels great.

Shade – lvl 25: Gladerunner increases mov speed by 10%. I actually like this kind of utility, seeing that I didnt question the other talents that increase it. The problem is that Shade has another talent, on the same lvl, that increases mov speed by 20% when she crits. Shade has 10% base crit chance, 20% with charm and weapon buffs (not to mention weapon specific crit chance buffs), so she crits every 5 hits or less. The only time this talent is useful is when running away or towards enemies, but one of those is very situational and the other you can use the invisibilty to escape more safely. The other 2 talents on lvl 25 give buffs when she crits, so maybe a talent that when she crits, her next crit attack gets increase crit power, that way she can crit before ulting on a boss to get massive damage, or use it with Cloak of Mist to get even more damage with it.

Witch Hunter Captain – lvl 25: Charmed Life is a 20% bonus to dodge range. Same thing as mercenary’s lvl 25.

Bounty Hunter – same thing as Foot Knight, Ironbreaker and Handmaiden. All his talents feel good and can fit certain builds.

Zealot – the best thing you could do to him would give him a passive that completely nullifies hp regen inflicted on him by teamates (natural bond still gives you regen), be it from Waystalker or Grail Knight. This would make him better and more fun to play on public matches, wouldn’t sacrifice either his damage output or hp regen on teamates and would increase the challenge to play with him (he wouldn’t rely on natural regen to survive)

  • lvl 10: Smite is the same thing as mercenary’s lvl 10. Maybe giving him a crit chance buff (10% when low hp would be a good idea.

  • lvl 10: Unbending Purpose is a power increase, which is always welcome, but it’s only a 5% increase, which is very low. It could be used to hit breakpoints, but zealot can already reach +30% power naturally. Same as Smite or Castigate, it could increase power even more when low hp (10%). Lvl 10 would then be a choice of either more attack speed when low hp, crit chance when low hp or more power when low hp, which I think would increase the variety in builds.

  • lvl 25: Calloused Without and Within is just a base 10% dmg reduction. It’s not a bad talent, but certainly not a good one. Either increasing the amount (15% maybe?) or giving it another property would be a nice buff.

Battle Wizard – lvl 20: Centered is a very small increase to the venting effect (1/3), which is not worth it when compared to the other 2 options and is a little bit misleading. Changing the description of the talent and increasing it to either a 200% or a 250% would be a great start.

Pyromancer – lvl 10: martial study is a 5% attack speed buff. Definitely not only boring, but a little bad when compared to either (unreliable) ranged damage buff or 10% bonus crit chance. This talent should be completely reworked or buffed to at least 10% bonus attack speed.

  • lvl 30: There is nothing wrong with Exhaust (removing overcharge on ult), but the true problem lies with Bonded Flame (ult grants you 35 temp hp). The problem is that 35 hp is more than enough to vent all overcharge and leaves about 10 to 20 hp still, so you gain temp hp AND clear overcharge. The only advantage that Exhaust has over Bonded Flame is that the latter takes a few second to clear the overcharge, while the former does it instantly. Maybe increasing the damage or the penetration of the burning head would be nice.

Unchained – lvl 25: Natural Talent decreases overcharge generated by 10%. The problem with this talent is that it may not save you from filling the overcharge bar, especially on high difficulties. The other 2 lvl 25 talents are defensive, yet situational talents (30% dmg reduction for burning enemies required them to hit you to actually have and effect and losing lots of hp to get the ult back may actually kill you on low hp), so maybe Natural Talent should be reworked to another situational defensive talent.

Thanks for reading this giant mess. Feel free to post any feedback.

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