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Apologies if this has been suggested already, I'm new on the sub.

Personally, I'd love to have some career stats available to check out. I've always been a sucker for numbers like that. Let us break it down by hero, by career, or view our stats overall. Would be neat to see things like..

  • Numbers of each enemy I've killed
  • Success rate. Maybe let us break it down by difficulty, and by map even. Which one do I win/fail most often?
  • How many kills do I have with each weapon?
  • What's my headshot % on ranged weapon kills?
  • Average damage taken per run
  • K/D for teh lulz
  • Number of dodged hooks/pounces/leeches
  • Number of times caught by hooks/pounces/leeches
  • Tell who my nemesis is. What enemy killed me the most? (spoiler: it's that random silent clan rat that pokes your ribs when you're clearly alone)
  • Assorted miscellaneous stats are always kinda neat to peruse. Things like total distance traveled, how many times Kerillian called me a Lumberfoot, how many times Kerillian called me a Mayfly, etc..
  • How many times I tossed a grim due to fat fingers
  • Most importantly, how many liters of troll vomit have I bathed in?


Anyway, just a thought. Again, I apologize if that has been suggested before, I'm sure it has, but I love my stats. And I know people dislike having stats available to be viewed by others, so it could have an option to be kept private. Or just make it private and that's that.

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