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Case for the One-Handed Sword

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Hello Lumberfoots,

I would like to share a story with you about Kerillians One-Handed Sword. TLDR at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I am only at ~150 hours. Pretty much all of it on Kerillian with very little interest in playing other characters. I play almost exclusively legend. However, I am not a professional or speed-runner.

A little while ago I was playing legend and finished a full tome run. Was playing Waystalker with Dual-Daggers and Longbow trying to farm ults as fast as possible (you know… for fun) when all of a sudden I open my first red weapon:

Vinereaver the…. One-Handed Sword facepalm.

Like most Kerillian players, I was pretty sure Vinereaver was only useful for one thing: reaving vines. To loosely quote some other redditor when reviewing Kerillians weapons, "One-Handed Sword: Why is this weapon even in the game?" I was explaining to my buddies that no matter how beautiful it was I couldn't use it because it is just unplayable. Of course, our flame witch has to get in the last word and says, "You have to use it now. Just make it work."

God damn it. So I set about experimenting to see how it's possible to use this weapon in legend.

Lets start with the obvious: The Glaive is currently over-powered. I know… grab your pitchforks fellow Kerillians. It does boat loads of damage, pierces armor, swings abnormally fast, the push-attack-attack combo can decimate hordes, and it requires no skill. At first glance, the One-Handed Sword is a complete joke when compared to the Glaive (or pretty much any other one of Kerillians weapons.)

After dying constantly in CHAMPION with Vinereaver trying to make it work, I thought all hope was lost. However, I slowly started to discover some hidden secrets about this beautiful angel.

First, the One-Handed sword has an insane heavy attack. It has three fully chargeable swings, they are quick to charge, and most importantly it is practically a guaranteed headshot on the first two swings. This makes the One-Handed sword the only other (quazi-) armor piercing weapon in her toolkit since the heavies can practically be used like regular attacks which hit the head everytime.

Second, the One-Handed sword is consistent. It does exactly what you expect when you expect it. Swings hit consistently and the heavies stagger the enemies every time. The Glaive on the other hand is terribly inconsistent. The swings sometimes stagger, the attack speed varies if you don't nail the combo just right, and sometimes you are inexplicably and randomly open for getting hit.

Third, the One-Handed sword has a wide-array of attack types. The heavies and lights can be intermixed in any way you like without breaking the combo chain. Need to clear hordes? Push-Attack-Attack just like the Glaive. Need to kill Stormvermin? Heavy-Heavy. Need a lunging shot like the Spear? The third hit can be made light at any time giving you a lunge. Need to block in a pinch? All the attacks are quick to back out of with very little commitment to any attack. Need to swing at the body only? Light-Light-Heavy.


Finally, the One-Handed Sword has respectable stamina and push-block angle making it safer than the Glaive in a pinch.

Slowly and with some practice I started doing Legend runs again with Vinereaver. After a while I found that I was taking less hits, killing more effectively, and winning more with Vinereaver than my Glaive. Nowadays, I wouldn't go into battle without my Vinereaver. Every time I try to go back to the Glaive I keep getting frustrated at all the random hits you take and all the random nonsense that comes with it. I'd rather play more slowly and take damage only when I make a stupid mistake and not because my weapon is a inconsistent lumbering brute.

I admit that it is probably the lowest dps weapon in her kit, but raw power isn't everything in this game. I have come to realize that all the hate for the One-Handed Sword is just a bunch of people who try it once and never use it again. Contrary to common belief, Fatshark does NOT need to buff the one-handed sword. It is perfectly viable and fun to play. Any buffs would just be extra. They just need to balance out Kerillians other weapons (AKA the Glaive.) Also, I suspect a similar story for many other weapons in the game which Redditors commonly complain about.

A few pointers for people willing to try: – Use "Off Balance" trait and add a little Damage vs. Armored in your kit. This will let you quickly oneshot Stormvermin and friends after blocking once (heavy attack). Also, the one-handed sword feels like it has an abnormally low crit-chance which makes Swift Slaying not very good. – A little extra attack speed is handy for the One-Hander. Also, do not use crit-chance or crit-power for reasons mentioned above. Experiment with different properties. (I personally like Damage vs. Skaven because F%K ratties. But I'm sure other properties might be more to your liking.) – Don't play as aggressive. It takes two swings to kill hordelings vs. the one with the Glaive. Take more time to kill the hordes and you will find that it is still effective and much safer than the Glaive. This might require you to move and dodge a bit instead of just standing and swinging like a brute. – Use the heavies often. They are fast, practically guarantee headshots, and stagger most enemies. Any small enemy with a helmet should be a two-hitter. – Waystalker is fun with a little extra headshot damage. But handmaiden is more respectable in legend. Use the extra shield talent since the block-angle is already good (especially with a booster charm or whatever.)

For people in general: Don't use/not use a weapon just because Reddit said so or because it has a lower dps. There are hidden secrets if you are creative enough and willing to experiment with different builds.

TLDR: One-Handed Sword is safe and very flexible for every situation with some practice. Glaive is an inconsistent lumbering brute. Just try it for a week.

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