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Change Votekicking.

warhammer 5 - Change Votekicking.

This has finally driven me up a wall. I seriously don’t understand why kicking someone doesn’t prevent them from being able to queue BACK into your game. I can’t think of any reason why it’s like this other than that it’s to prevent players false kicking another player.

I know you can set your game to private after you kick someone. I shouldn’t have to. If we’re just starting out at the beginning of the map or pushing our way through the middle, we shouldn’t have to kick a toxic player and set the game to private. Even if it’s only private for 5 minutes and then set back to public, there’s still a chance that person queues back into our game, or that we have to try and make it through the rest of the map with a bot on Legend waiting for someone else to queue in. To make things worse, when the person we kicked does come back, we can’t kick them again because the option is grayed out.


It’s dead simple. Votekick a player, they can’t queue back into your game. Period. There shouldn’t be any chance involved in hoping they don’t come back. I don’t understand why it’s like this, and I seriously don’t understand the people who defend this. Ideally, I’d like this option to be seriously considered by the developers, and someone just to explain why this is the way it is.

I've posted this on the forums as well to gauge the reactions from both places. I'm convinced the forums are populated by zombies and would like to be proven wrong.


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