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Chaos Waste’s Replayability

warhammer 7 - Chaos Waste's Replayability


The Chaos Waste's have brewed new life into one of my favorite games. And it did it with the gameplay type I have become an adept fan of. Having poured hundreds of hours into games like Enter The Gungeon, Dead Cells, Gunfire Reborn, and Slay The Spyre. Chaos Wastes has been a lovely new addition to that roguelike genre.

Going forward though, I would love to have a discussion about some of the tweaks and changes that Fatshark or the Modding Community could look to implement.

Below will be some of my suggestions for additions or mods.

  1. Run Modifying System.

This would give the player the ability to modify the run positively or negatively. It would be awesome to have some way to increase the randomness and difficulty level of expeditions. This could look like dropped Scrolls to modify runs which you find in current expeditions. Or a currency vendor you can spend a secondary currency on for run modifiers.

Modifiers could look like +Horde Spawns but also +5% crit chance. Or +Patrols but some mobs drop coins more often.

Clearly I'm not creative about modifiers, but the possibilities are limited only by my mundane imagination.

  1. Handfuls of new boons implemented. These modifiers don't have to be terribly new, they could literally just be more rare perks with different in game modifiers on them. Examples could be +Light attacks gain additional cleave. +Bonus Melee/Ranged dmg to Armored Enemies. +Block Attack Cleave increased. Clearly, once again my mundane creativity is limiting the power of additional boons.

  2. Special Expedition runs.

This could be event expeditions. One I've already talked about being possible in modded servers, is one where you can gain ANY weapon on ANY character from the swapping station. This would be very entertaining and boost the Replayability by giving you a much larger weapon pool on each character and varying the feeling of builds you can go for.


Additionally you could also remove the Boon limitation and allow character specific boons to be from any character. This mode could take away all boons the player starts with, increase the frequency of boons, and decrease the price so the builds can get rediculous.

Again, better minds than I can flesh this out.

  1. Original Game maps included as challenge maps in Expedition.

While expeditions maps are extremely fun, they are also limited in scope and you do not encounter lords. I would love to see Lords show up in Expedition as challenges. It would also be amazing if entire original game maps were included or portions of the original maps were included in the game mode. I understand that there would be a lot of work behind making this happen, but god would it be worth it. The Replayability with a higher map pool would go up astronomically. I would also love to see higher difficulties gain more modifiers to each map. Instead of Champion retaining 2 modifiers per map, it could go to 3 modifiers (the + and – under map descriptions in Expedition).

Legend starts to feel less scary as you get more powerful so we should have 4 modifiers on each map instead of 2. The Modifiers can also be more specific and more extreme. Could also be where you add in Lord spawns. +Lord on this map. +Elite Hordes. To reward the player for this, you can add additional map clear rewards. So one map could give BCR and DMG to Skaven etc.

Alright. That's what I've got. Clearly not polished. But hella excited about the potential this game mode has.

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