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Character concept: Skink Agent

warhammer 10 - Character concept: Skink Agent

Pip’Squak, the envoy of the old ones

Deep in the jungles of Lustria, the Slann priest Khuramundi has stirred from his meditations. Through his arcane might, the great priest has perceived the events of Ubersriek, and the threat the skittergate poses. Should such a device be allowed to stand, he foresees great calamity to the servants of the Old Ones.

Rather than a full-scale invasion of the Empire, the wise Slann instead sends an agent, a trusted Skink, to aid the warmbloods.

Why this would be cool:

-A new option as a ‘caster’, giving an opportunity to use magic outside pyromancy

-Lizardmen are the last ‘good’ species in the setting, and have a deep-set rivalry with both skaven and chaos

-A new hero would add a great deal of diversity to the game, and make playthroughs interesting again.

-Skinks are hilarious

-Calling people ‘warmbloods’ is far cooler than ‘lumberfoots’

-Fucking lizard people

-Bardin will no longer be the only manlet


Why this will never actually happen:

-Adding a new hero would require a complete UI overhaul, as the game is built around selecting one of five heroes

-Too many new voice lines would be required to properly add a brand new character

-The amount of effort in model-making, balancing, and tweaks, would ensure this would be a paid dlc, driving a wedge in the community. Paid dlc heroes are a bad idea, and heroes by their nature are too complex to be free.

-Fucking lizard people

-Ubersriek 5 (or 4) would no longer make sense

-The game follows the ubersriek 5, and adding a new character, especially a scalie, might seem like a (fat)shark-jump.

-Lizardmen clash with the more gothic/Germanic fantasy style the rest of the game is designed in.

This is not a complete character, and mostly just a fun project I wanted to share with folks

Rather than ‘careers’, Pip’Squak ‘s classes reflect the three different options he could have been ‘born’ as, as lizardmen do not really chose roles:

Skink chief: A ‘normal’ Skink Cohort that has proven himself an able, keen-minded fighter.

Off-brand tank with less health than other armored careers. Passives include:

Quick healing: Passive, slow regeneration

Scaly hide: Slight DR

Junglewalker: Not slowed by taking damage

Active ability: Cry of Sotek: AOE stun that causes human-sized enemies to cower

Unique Talents include:

Eternal warrior: Lose regeneration, but temporary health decays far slower

Cold-blooded: Critical hits reduce cooldown on ability

All is planned: Every 5 hits is a guaranteed crit, no more random crits

Wrath of Sotek: Ability now also applies a poison DoT on effected enemies

Defender of the jungle: Block cost reduction

Skirmisher: Bonus ammo capacity

Tough scales: Increase health

Skink Priest: The attendants of the great Slann, readers of the plaques of the old ones, these casters wield the lore of heavens to call down divine wrath on those who would oppose the great plan.

Alternative caster, squishy, passive overcharge drain is slower, but has a higher ‘cap’. Access to ‘staff of thunder’ and ‘staf of heavens’ weapons. Passives include:

Old magic: slight boost to ranged attack power to nearby allies

Meditation: Not casting a spell for 8 seconds gives a guaranteed ranged crit.

Active ability: Heavens call: Channels a massive bolt of lightning to strike the priest, clearing overcharge and damaging nearby enemies.

Unique talents include:

Sacrifices to the old ones: Melee kills slightly vent overcharge

Blessings of Tepok: Active ability now gives an attack/move speed buff to allies


Fervor: High overcharge increases melee crit chance

Discharge: Manual venting deals minor damage to surrounding enemies

Grounding: Reduces damage from manual venting

Cool head: Reduces the time needed to wait for meditation by 50%

Scorching storm: Enemies hit with spells now burn for a short time

The sound of thunder: Ranged critical hits will always stagger an enemy.

Chameleon Skink: Apex hunters and assassins, the chameleons shift to become all but invisible, lurking in plain sight to find the perfect place to strike

Ranged/assassin, squishy but nimble, better accuracy with ranged weapons. Passives include:

Well prepared: carry more ammo

Improvise ammunition: Melee critical kills give back 5% (minimum 1) of total ammunition

Jungle Stalker: Improved dodge distance

Concentrated Venom: DoT effects are shorter, but deal more damage per tick

Active ability: Walk of Oxyotl: The standard ‘go invisible, get damage boost’ that shade, huntsman, and ranger already have. Damage boost is minimal, but stealth is not broken by ranged attacks.

Unique talents include:

Desperate improvisation: Gain a massive bonus to critical hit chance when out of ammunition.

Not in the plan: Bonus damage against marked enemies (does not stack with other buffs)

Lustrian welcome: Concentrated Venom now lengthens DoT effects rather than reduces

Warmblood weakness: Deal more damage against poisoned or bleeding enemies

Vanish: Gain stealth for 4 seconds when struck (can only happen once every 30 seconds)

Powerful lungs: double effective range of blowpipe weapons

Cold satisfaction: Ranged headshots reduce reload time

Stinging wind: Ranged attacks made during Walk of Oxyotl no longer expend ammunition


Melee: Though he has a similar arsenal to the other heroes, Pip is designed to rely far more on maneuvering than raw damage, lacking some of the DPS of similar weapons.

Club and shield: Standard hammer-and-shield, good CC, powerful blocks

Spear and shield: Fast attacks, armor piercing, powerful blocks, has good distance and slight lunge on heavy attack

Greatclub: Two handed weapon, wide sweeps, good CC, armor piercing

Temple guard spear: Halberd-like weapon with powerful thrusts and headshot damage, good sweep on heavy attack.

Ritual dagger: Very fast, no slowdown on heavy attack, powerful critical hits.

Ranged: Pip has few options for ‘fire and forget’ ranged attacks, focusing more on crippling DoT poisons.

Demon toad Blowpipe: Low damage, high capacity option, very weak damage, with low, but long-lasting, DoT poison. High reload speed makes stacking DoT’s easy for focused fire.

Sotek’s Pipe: The ‘sniper’ option, armor piercing, good DoT, low ammo capacity.

Greatpipe: Slower fire rate with better damage. Alt fire loads numerous projectiles at once. Short DoT

Javelins: Limited capacity throwing weapons that can be retrieved. No DoT, but armor piercing, with improved headshot damage.

Staff of heavens: Unique to the priest ‘career’, staff option that fires a mid-range range bolt of lightning for decent AP damage. Alt fire calls down a bolt of lightning in a selected area for AoE damage.

Staff of thunder: Creates a wide, short range pulse of air and sparks with good CC. Alt fire Charges up to fire a single powerful bolt of lightning that can chain to nearby enemies.

Again this has mostly been an idea I just wanted to write down for fun, but I’d love to get feedback/alternate ideas for abilities, or concepts on how such a character would interact with the 5.

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