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Character progress gated behind levels instead of difficulties. I’m quite Disappointed at this.

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First of all, I'm really enjoying the new Vermintide. I think the additions that have been made to the game are great and that the core is really solid. Needs some balancing of course but a fine sequel to the first game for the most part. Well done there Fatshark.

However I have one major gripe. To me, any form of progression beyond clearing maps and difficulties feels incredibly unsatisfying compared to the first game. I highly doubt there will be any significant changes to these systems but I'd like to share my feelings about it regardless.

From what I've gathered so far playing the beta I've noticed that the power on items you obtain from the chests scale based on the level you currently possess. Chances of increased rarity seem to be tied into that as well but I'm not entirely sure regarding that point.

In any case what this means is that if you, for example, finish a Cataclysm run at level 10 on average you'll have worse items than if you finish a Normal run at level 20. That's terrible. On top of that, the other main source of character progression in the form of talents are also locked behind levels. So just mindlessly farming Normal will max you out there.


I'm quite aware that you could technically get the best gear by playing lower difficulties in the first game as well, but good luck getting those orange tokens to upgrade things on normal and hard at any decent rate. And I don't really care about the involved randomness, that's completely besides the point I'm making here and not what this is about. The thing is, in Vermintide one the general availability of improvement was locked behind progressing through difficulty. Which means you actually had to achieve something to see your character grow to their ultimate potential, if you didn't want to take forever to craft the right orange out of greens. In this game however, it seems all you have to do is play a lot and there's no real reward for challenging yourself. Unless perhaps you've maxed out on the power scaling. And that saddens me.

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I'd be a lot happier if power level scaled to difficulty in full and was completely independent of level. And if you gained talent points by completing a certain amount of maps on a certain difficulty. In other words, if character progression availability was actually tied to effort and accomplishment, instead of just farming levels.

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