Warhammer: Vermintide

Christmas event quest – missed potential?

warhammer 4 - Christmas event quest - missed potential?

First I want to say I really enjoy all the puzzles and stuff in Vermintide. The new dlc ones were a lot of fun to go through and the christmas event is a cool reason for us to come back and rock these levels a little bit. Really enjoy them! keep 'em coming.

So we just went and powered through the bonfires using the guide on reddit.

With these puzzles and events, I know some guys on here are absolute gods at figuring out these crazy puzzles, like the stone order on Horn of Magnus, absolutely insane.
But for me and my friends who are just regular plebs these puzzles are just way hard to discover by ourselves without reddits help.


Does anyone else feel it would provide a more satisfying experience if they gave us some cryptic, but reasonable, clues in game so we could log in with our friends and have a chance of figuring it out by ourselves?

There's something about just calling up a reddit guide and following it through which feels unsatisfying – but unfortunately it's our only option because as I said, these are too difficult to figure out by ourselves with no hints.

Maybe I'm the only one who cares about that and most people are cool with following a guide (or maybe they're just sick m'fers who can figure these out by themselves). But I thought I'd just share my thoughts on it anyway.

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