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Hello. I recently posted a few times else where regarding my ideas for new classes and weapons. I was advised that work should be done on the existing classes before that happens. I was also advised to bring some of that here. The other posts are too long for here. I do have them in Google Documents. Let me know if I should link that

Starting off with Shade. People don't even really use Shade as Fatshark intended. Dual Dagger Headshots can be just as valuable as a backstab (pending on the situation). I haven't fleshed my idea out for a change quite yet. The furthest I have managed to get, was changing it to work with, or around DOT's. I was thinking the Shade could increase the number of DOT's that could be applied to an enemy, and do more damage to enemies that have a DOT. Or perhaps increase the damage DOT's do. It should work given that the Elf has access to the Hagbane Bow and Double Dagger

I did think about making Double Dagger's Shade only but, that would take a lot of power away from Waystalker, and Handmaiden. The only solution to that issue that I can come up with, is changing the Handmaiden talent that gives power, and lowers attack speed

Perhaps changing it to do Damage with Spears, would go a long way. I have noticed the Damage wording in Talents, does more than Power. It could fix the Spear in a way. Unfortunately I am not sure what to do about Waystalker

Moving to Foot Knight. Even with a Shield Buff, I don't feel like shields are in a good place. I feel like the Power Attack could use a change. I hate that the first Power Attack is always a Shield Bash. Removing that would skip straight to the weapon Power Attack. That could help

The Huntsman is an awesome ranged class. It can keep the ammo supply up more than most builds. This is easiest to achieve with the Bow. At max, it can only kill two targets in a line. The other Bows/Crossbows can do more than that. I am thinking either buff it, or add a new ranged weapon. That way it can keep up with the kill count of other ranged classes

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If a new ranged weapon was added, I was thinking it could be an Arbalest equivalent. It would keep with the High Damage theme that Kruber has. Plus it would give the game, the largest Crossbow ever

Mercenary has an issue with Paced Strikes. All it takes is 1 shield, or 1 armored unit to interrupt you. I get that it is part of the class. You have to learn to disengage to Power Strike these problems but.. This class was intended for Horde clears, with how its kit is set up. At this time, it is not at 100% efficiency. I would say more like 70%

Adding a weapon that ignores shields, and pierces would be too OP (even if it was a slow 2H). So the only solution I can come up with, is changing Paced Strike to trigger after 3 hits, rather then when you hit 3 targets. That way if you are attacking single targets, you will get your Paced Strikes just for attacking it. It would make Halberd more viable

I am aware that the Halberd is insanely powerful but, given how Paced Strikes works right now.. Executioner's Sword, or the Great Sword are much better at triggering Paced Strikes

So that means Foot Knight would need a damage change or the Paced Strikes would need a Talent change. The 25% Damage Reduction Talent for Paced Strikes would trigger enough to outclass Foot Knight. Unsure of the best way to handle that

I want to finish this post up by sharing an idea that I have for what is posted here, and for the other ideas. I had an idea for a new weapon tag. I am calling it "Charge" for now. I am interested to see what you all think of it

Charge would mean that the weapon causes a Critical Hit at full damage bonus, upon a fully charged Power Attack. Fully Charged meaning you can't just hold down the button for a second. You have to hold it down until it gets to the end animation or timer

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What do you all think? Thank you if you respond!

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