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[Community Challenge #2] The Melee Blender

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The Challenge:

As everyone knows, "Vermintide is a melee focused game," and if you have never experienced just how good a melee-centered party feels then this is the week to do it! The challenge is simple, you and your buddies + no range weapon vs whatever difficulty feels right to you. If you would like to spice it up, be sure to consider using the double melee mod so everyone can go slayer mode. As always, feel feel free to augment the challenge to taste with twitch intervention, mods and/or deeds (I listed a few mods that could be fun here below). As to suggested party, consider including the tank classes with their huge damage reduction make for a very stable party (unchained, footknight, zealot, slayer) and the dash classes as their gap closers bring lots vs pesky specials.

Regarding the melee blender, if you have not experienced it before I think you will be surprised by just how resilient and efficient it is. Due to the aggro mechanics, if you clump together in a ball each player will have on average fewer enemies aggro'd on them than they would if they spread. Further, since you are right near each other you can stack your stagger and dps on the same small group of units, making even mass elites rather safe. Add a few CC ults and there you go, blend baby blend.

As you clear the challenge, share results below please!

Suggested Mods For The Memes:
PropJoe's Spawn Tweaks
SkacikPL?'s Perfect Dark
Dark's DoubleUp (double melee)
Sir Aiedail's Spawn Sack Rats


The Philosophy of The Community Challenge

The purpose of the community challenge is to create, share and play new games within the game of Vermintide. The community challenge can be uber hard (which leads to a certain kind of fun) or ridiculously memey (which leads to another). Every player and every party is different. There is no one canonical way to play a community challenge just as there is no one canonical way to play Vermintide. Adopt and augment the challenge to taste.

The community challenge is also an opportunity to share exciting game moments and be recognized for them and to extend that same courtesy to others. Every player and every party is different; they have different tastes, talents and experiences. If someone is excited then take the moment to share that excitement with someone. Remember, there are a few thousand people in the whole world that share our Vermintide interest; we are lucky to have others to share our joys with. Respect that.

How To Find A Team, Or, I Don’t Have A Party!

Vermintide is a good pub game, but it is an exceptional team game. The number one thing you can do to improve your win rate and your fun is to get proactive socially. Get a mic. Make sure it sounds ok. Get friendly and steam friend friendly people. You will be surprised how fast your friends list fills up and you transition from pubbing to pugging. These days we have a few solid discords to choose from (check the sidebar on the Reddit for the options).

The Squirrel Squad Discord Community is partnering up to support the community challenge. Click this link to join the Discord, (whatever you have to do to get in…) and proceed to the LFG there. This is an excellent place to find pugs for a few games of coordinated play and, if the team is working out, try out the weekly challenge.

Happy Hunting Heros!

I Have a Great Idea For A Community Challenge, Can I Host One?
Yes! PM me or message below with /u/j_sat

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