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[Community Challenge #3] Highway to Bell

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Do you also feel this sudden need for speed?

Recently, a big rule change on the Vermintide 2 www.speedrun.com leaderboards happened:

~ 2/3/4 player runs now only count when all players reach the Gate ~

Of course this meant that some leaderboards for individual maps got purged, for example Screaming Bell got hit hard. That got me thinking: Why not work together here?

Or, in other words: How many runs can we as a community submit to the 2, 3 and 4 player leaderboards for the most technical but pure speedrun map in the game, The Screaming Bell?

The Challenge:

Do a 2P, 3P or 4P run of Screaming Bell on a difficulty of your choice and submit that run to www.speedrun.com/wv2.

Rules: No cutscene skip, all players have to reach the Gate!

To clear up a common misconception: Speedrunning is not about loot. It's not even about beating some weird world record. Speedrunning has two simple goals:

  1. Beat your own time.

  2. Show your best run!

To see the current leaderboard for Screaming Bell, just click here:



(Select the difficulty and click on 2P/3P/4P)

How To Find A Team

Vermintide is a good pub game, but it is an exceptional team game. The number one thing you can do to improve your win rate and your fun is to get proactive socially. Get a mic. Make sure it sounds ok. Get friendly and send invites to friendly people. You will be surprised how fast your friends list fills up and you transition from pubbing to pugging. These days we have a few solid discords to choose from:

The Squirrel Squad Community is still the top V2 Discord. This is an excellent place to find pugs for a few games of coordinated play and, if the team is working out, why not try out this challenge?

You will also find people to do this with on the official Vermintide Speedrun Discord. We are still growing and always on the hunt for active runners – from Recruit to Legend, everyone's welcome!

To submit your run to the official leaderboards for Vermintide 2, you need to create an account first.

Happy Running, Heroes!

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