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Community Suggestion Compendium

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  • Top General-UI post
  • Inventory markers for illusions
  • See which characters have an item equipped from inventory, and allow us to unequip it without switching to that character
  • Move class switching to Hero menu

UI – Score Screen

  • Increase speed of score screen
  • Add tank and friendly fire stats
  • "Retry" button on defeats, "Return to the Keep Alone", and a way to go instantly to the next level

UI – Crafting

  • Top post
  • Move the crafting cost of illusions to the application on an item
  • Move illusions to Cosmetics
  • Remove forging animation
  • Make crafting Upgrades not re-roll traits

Gameplay – Combat

  • Make weapon switching more reliable
  • Remove damage indicator on venting showing damage from behind

Gameplay – Enemy Balance

  • Current top post
  • Leech – Fix unavoidable teleport damage
  • Rattling Gunner – Fix to stop shooting through walls and objects.
  • Globadier – Fix to stop throwing orbs though objects.
  • Blight Stormer – Fix for more consistent spawns (not behind walls or otherwise unreachable)
  • Blight Stormer – Fix to reduce currently extreme casting range
  • Hookrat – Fix players being carried off the map
  • Burblespue rebalancing
  • Bile Troll rebalancing
  • Bodvarr rebalancing
  • Lots of Skittergate issues

Gameplay – Stat Transparency

  • Top post 1
  • Top post 2
  • Top post 3 – General Game Transparency
  • Make training dummies work with all abilities
  • Revert training dummy damage numbers to pre-100X-multiplier numbers
  • More verbose information (character information like health, weapon information, talents, enemies, etc.)
  • Add character stat sheet

Gameplay – Progression

  • Remove deeds from chests, move them to a bounty board
  • Buff deed rewards
  • Buff rewards for Boss Missions
  • Award defeat XP on disconnect
  • Fix level reset on host migration (Should be fixed with dedicated servers)

Gameplay – Misc

  • Allow solo quick play
  • Make eye adaptation toggleable
  • Allow bots to be instructed to pick up grimoires
  • Add Report Player function

Hero Voiceover Overhaul

Please comment with any missing suggestions and I'll add them here. Thank you Fatshark for working with the community to continue improving a fantastic game.

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