Warhammer: Vermintide

Concept: Bork da Bold, an orc hero. (Never gonna happen but it’s fun to make these)

warhammer 5 - Concept: Bork da Bold, an orc hero. (Never gonna happen but it’s fun to make these)

Origin: Bork was an orc big boss following the orders of his warboss to take his boyz into the reikland to see what all the ruckus was about and see if there was a scrap worth havin’. Upon arriving, Bork and his boyz where attacked by pactsworn looking to take spoils from the warband. To Bork, the fight was a dream come true, but the grim realization after was a nightmare. Bork was the only one to survive the ambush (cuz he’s a ‘ard boy tah kill). Unfortunately, his pet Squig munchee, did not. Stricken with grief and anger at the loss of his only friend, Bork went on a killing spree. He killed pactsworn wherever he found them, all to avenge his fallen companion. Bork’s reputation for killing Skaven and Rotbloods would be known across the reikland. Word spread of his crusade until it reached taals horn keep, and the ears of Franz Loher. Franz took great interest in the idea of getting an angry orc to kill more pactsworn for him, so he ordered olesya to teleport the orc to the keep. On arrival, Bork was confused, but Franz explained how if he where to join his crew, he would have the opportunity to kill all the rat men and northlanders he could want and more, as long as he didn’t kill anyone who lived in the Keep. Bork, enthralled at the idea of fighting more pact sworn, agreed.


Gameplay: Bork would have three careers, each having their own unique “WAAAAGHS”. The first career is the big boss. This class would focus on group survivability and defense, and it’s “waaagh” would knock all nearby enemies down, and grant a temporary health and melee defense boost to Bork and nearby allies. The next career is the savage orc. This class would focus on group dodging, melee and movement speed. It’s “waaagh” would allow Bork to charge forward through enemies and grant a movement and attack speed boost to himself and nearby allies. The last career would be a black orc. This class would be unique as it would basically make Bork a chaos warrior. He would hit hard and take heavy hits, but his movement speed would be reduced significantly. He would also be unable to dodge, and basically be a tank for the group. This class would focus on melee attack power, and would be melee only. It’s “waaagh” would cause nearby infantry mobs to freeze in terror, and increase attack power for Bork and nearby allies. A potential fourth career could be either warboss or shaman.


Choppa (axe) and shield

Big Choppa (greataxe, Black orc only)

Small bow and arrer’ (short bow)

Longbow and arrer’ (longbow)

Clubba (club, savage only)

Big clubba (great club, savage only)

Dual choppas (dual axes)

Throwin’ stik (throwing spear, savage only)

Big sticka (spear, savage only)

Let me know what you all think! Ideas for more weapons would be welcome!

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