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Concerning Trolls and Geometry

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I noticed this twice the other day. Bosses tend to be a bit more limber than one expects and often jump through small places to get at you. Tight rock formations and the bunk beds in Righteous Stand are two of these places. However, the troll seems to have a bit of a bad interaction.

In War Camp, I saw a troll get kited into the rocks and get stuck, it saved the run from the caustic wrath of the boss, but as we decided to cathartically beat the stuck troll while he was bound, he hit his regen point, and then remained permanently at 1/3 of his health. No damage could be done, and despite multiple Kruber charges and bombs, he could not be pushed out of the rocks.

Happened also in Righteous Stand, with the troll getting stuck on a bunk bed.


That's fine, we can run away and revive, and so we move on, only to discover at a certain point the invisible wall prevents us from passing. Essentially the run is over. We cannot kill the boss, and we cannot continue.

It's arguably a bug that doesn't show often, but when it does, it's absolutely demoralizing.

I propose as a fix the idea of removing the invisible wall either after a period of time, or not having it at all. It's meant to stop runs from ditching a boss, but in all honesty, if enough rats start slowing you down, a very upset and abandoned troll will return to voice his displeasure in streams of caustic bile.

Just figured I should post this to get it attention for a potential future fix. Thanks for reading. I can provide a screenshot if necessary.

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