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Conflagration Staff IS NOT Garbage. Stop The Toxicity.

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I play on legend with random people sometimes as even on champion it was happening, as soon as people see that I am using the Conflagration staff they start bashing on me.

It's like there is only one staff you can use with Sienna that people will accept. I use the Conflagration staff because I think it's the best for how I like to play Sienna.

I played the Beam staff a while before the nerf hammer hit (for good reason) but after the patch I felt it lost a lot of its power and what was appealing to me.

First, before insulting me in game because I do not play as you think its the only way to play Sienna, you should at least look at how I can help the group.

The reason I do play the Conflagration staff and not the Beam staff is because the CC on the shotgun isn't as good as it used to be. You cannot stagger any armored unit and it generate a lot of overcharge.


With the Conflag I can stagger a group of ANY type except bosses even Chaos warrior if they didn't start a attacks which give them hyper armor. I just need to charge and release immediately and I can CC them to the limit of my overcharge.

Beam staff snipe lost half of its power so it's not as good for boss killing as it used to be which still makes it the most well rounded staff of the bunch but it does not excel in any part now.

With the Conflag I can backup from the group and CC whatever group of annoying things that is coming against us and clear waves while you go get a drink on the frontline.

Each staff as its own unique power and utility and Conflag isn't garbage. It's a poweful staff that you might just not get how to play it.

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