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Connection Issues Post on Fatshark Forums – Let’s Get Fatsharks Attention

warhammer 3 - Connection Issues Post on Fatshark Forums - Let's Get Fatsharks Attention

A lot of people have been complaining about network issues since the 3.4 Patch. Fatshark admitted network changes and problems and I know about their forums thread about connectivity and ping issues. I am just not sure they notice the extent of the effect and it is never a bad idea to make sure they know about the real extent of these issues. Yes, I know, it doesn't seem to affect all of you and even though I don't know how, I am happy you can continue to enjoy this game as I used to be! But this doesn't go for everybody, so I hope you can understand us wanting to be loud about it. That being said, it definitely is an issue on their side, since pretty much all of my Vermintide companions from multiple places all over the world (all of them seasoned Legend and Cata players – no pros obviously, but we know how the game behaves by heart) have made the same observations:

  • All around doubled ping, but the ping doesn't even seem to really correlate to game network performance ( sometimes a 150 ping feels just fine, and an 80 ping is having half second desyncs)

  • Most games experience hard delays in what is happening on your screen (enemies dying 300ms or more before they visually die on your screen, hit animations hitting far before the visual animations, your own hits connecting only shortly after the visual hit confirmation, block stance reached later than what is indicated by your shields showing up and your weapon being in the visual stance, etc..). This is the main problem, since you can't trust anything on your screen anymore and can't really confidentally attack or defend anymore, since your actions and your visuals don't correspond with what is really happening


I found this post on the fatshar forums, where someone finally managed to snack some clips clearly showing these delay issues for your own hits inside a joined quickplay lobby even!

So if you do experience these problems (while having a good internet connection and/or not at all having had these kind of issues before the patches) please support this post and get fatshark to really see, that this is a huge problem and cannot be brushed over lightly. This needs to be fixed because it is seriously affecting the fun and skill found in this gameplay.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk – signed, an absolutely Vermintide loving Ratslayer.


Edit: Just found another according reddit post from the forum post op, that I didn't see before making this post. I will leave mine up, due to visibility, but gonna link the original posters one here:

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