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Consistent double/silent specials when hosting after latest patch

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Consistent double/silent specials when hosting after latest patch

Okay, ever since patch dropped, my hosting experience has been anything but pleasant. At first I thought it was some deed bugging me out, but it's been the third day in a row since I've seen this. In pretty much every game I host (on Champion), the AI director is ridiculously aggressive, specials are duplicated and about 2/3rds of the time are not called out by any character… and bosses spawn in every sh*t arena there is.

What do I mean by this?

  • Hordes are disproportionately frequent. This isn't a bad thing in itself, but when I play on someone else's rig they're notably less frequent and numerous.
  • Specials almost always come duplicated. What this means is that there's never just one leech or hookrat spawning in at a time, there can be two gunners firing at you from within the same model, that stationary stormvermin you just shot in the head suddenly turns to attack you, etc.
  • Specials are not called out more often than not. This means that despite the fact that there are two hookrats skipping through a horde towards, the second one never gets called out because he shouldn't even be there.
  • Increased boss frequency. Now, this wouldn't be too bad… but both times, within the hour, en route to Lord Gulmagak, a troll spawned in the narrow path from the Second Grim to the Third Tome; with a complementary horde so you can kiss that run goodbye. Skittergate? A Chaos Spawn in the cave arena between two pitfalls, so whoever gets smacked away can't rejoin the fight. And so forth…

Now you may be saying "Well you shouldn't give your game 10-14 threads to play with!", but, this is where I'm completely baffled. My game is running on an aging i5-4440 @ 3.1Ghz with 2 WORKER THREADS, that can barely keep 60FPS when there's a pretty sight on the screen, let alone a horde. /vent off

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