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Maybe I shouldn't combine those issues in one thread, but whatever, here it goes:

I've got a lot of problems in VT2, as we all do. Most of them are known and we talked about them more than once (fire bombs and shit like that). But there are some that I find quite annoying and didn't read about them here before.

  1. Most important for me. Empire in Flames, right after 1st Grimoire. There are stairs there, where usually a horde attacks. Every time I got there, I have a huge lag spike. Doesn't matter if there's a horde, Boss or only ambients, until I'll get to the door on a second floor, I will always have lags no matter what. I do have spikes time to time on every map, but none of them are consistent. This one is 100% guaranteed for me. Any idea why? The only similar place like that, that I lag about 80-100% of times (not sure) is Fort Brachsenbrucke, right under the closed gates, when we first enter the castle.
  2. Since patch 1.1(I guess?) whenthe game is loading, I can hear a loud noise of "hey, you appeared in the Keep!" twice. Once when I really appear in the Keep, after clicking "play". And second time before it happens, right when the screen with loading Keep shows up. It's loud and annoying, does anyone else have it like this?
  3. From the very first moment I played VT2, up to today, I have to set my resolution back to 1366×768 at the start of a game, even though it shows to be set properly. In past people were talking about it, but for months nobody mentioned that. Did you do something to fix this? Does it still happen to you?
  4. First grim on War Camp. The only grim that I ALWAYS struggle to take, and I noticed I'm not alone. Is there any way to reliably jump on those god damn stakes? I manage to do that like 1/10 jumps.
  5. Ladders. I can't count how many times I got stuck on a ladder, right on top of it. And how many times I fell down from a ladder. If I just go forward, my character usually snaps to it for 1 second, and then is pushed back where I stood before, forcing me to jump down with hope that I will manage to snap to it mid-air. I cry every time. Any help?
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That's all I remember now. I just ignored them for months, but I'm curious if it happens to others as well and what might cause those issues etc. Cheers.
PS. Couldn't decide if "Question" or "Issue". Went with a "Question" flair.

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