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Console Version Needs Patch Desperately

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Let me preface by saying I've played over 80 hours in the 12 days since this game released on console. I love it, I want to keep playing, but since the initial wow factor has worn off the bugs are getting harder to tolerate.

I don't know what it's like on PC right now, but it's been 2 weeks since release with no update and if they don't address it soon I can't imagine the game surviving on here. Below is a quick summary of the worst ones.

  • Bardin's ranger class is literally unplayable, this is not an exaggeration. Disengage only works around half the time, the other half you burn your ability with nothing actually happening. If that was my first character and it was happening I would have immediately quit and requested a refund.

  • Lots of talents are bugged and don't actually do anything. Ironbreaker taunting bosses doesn't work most of the time, and I feel like the occasional time it seems to work is more luck than it actually functioning. That's an obvious one, but if that doesn't work how do I know I'm even getting my +5% crit chance or other small things?

  • The last, and most egregious problem is the crashing. I haven't made it through 1 session without a crash yet. I don't even want to play on champ or legend because the time commitment on finding a group or trying to run it solo makes the random crash at the end of the level even more painful. If I had to estimate, I'd say 1 person crashes out of 10% of my games. The lack of host migration exacerbates the issue a lot since if the host crashes EVERYONE gets kicked and gets no reward.

  • I have had many friends ask me if they should get it since they see me playing all day and when I warn them about these bugs they all say the same thing: I'll wait and see if they fix it.

Fix your game, or make a statement and acknowledge the fact your game doesn't work properly. If it's like this on PC at all, after many months, I'm shocked the community even exists.


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