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[CONTEST] An Unespected Meeting

warhammer 6 - [CONTEST] An Unespected Meeting

Before starting, I recomend reading the notes at the end first.

Kerillian almost vomited when she caught that stench at the outside fields of Stromdorf. Running into a dwarf during her journey to Ubersreik was not on her plans, but she would enjoy killing the little creature very much. What disgusted her more than the stench of ale and dwarf was the singing (if you can call it that, she thought) that was coming out of his mouth. He was singing about ale, and treasures under mountains and gobboz and… a cousin Okri? It was clear to her that the creature had to die, she was doing a favour to the world.

She followed the dwarf until she could find a perfect moment to strike, as a cat stalks a rat in the sewers of Ubersreik. Patiently she waited, the sun left the skies giving birth to the night. Rain started to fall and Morrslieb was high and large. Kerillian even thought she saw a twisted face on the surface of the false moon, but there was no time for such things, all her senses were focused towards the dwarf. The time came when the dwarf settled a small camp beneath a couple of trees to shelter from the rain and pass the night. A couple of ales, a few (or more than a few) bites of food, a quick view of an old looking map and he was ready to go to sleep, lying against a tree. Kerillian waited a few minutes before approaching from the tall grass. Longbow in one hand, she drew out an arrow from the quiver, took a deep breath and aimed at his head, but her focus was briefly captured by a rat sliding between her legs. That disgusting thing was larger than normal and the eyes were red and evil. She quickly turned her head once again to the sleeping dwarf, took a deep breath and shot. *ZWOSH*. The arrow pierced through the head and went half way inside the tree. Eager to see the dwarf’s dead face she approached the victim’s body, with a sword in one hand and a dagger on the other.

Morrslieb was now even larger than before, if that’s possible, and the rain was heavier.

The wood elf sneaked her way through the tall grass until reaching the site and anxiously approached the body. As soon as her hand touched the hood a dark and small figure jumped from one of the tree´s branches to the scream of “Oi, wazzok!” If not were for Kerillian’s elven reflexes the great axe would have found its way through her skull, all the way to the brain. But she managed to dodge her way out of the attack. Now the two were standing in front of each other, waiting patiently for the other to make the first move and, hopefully, the first mistake. Bardin spoke first:

– A Wutelgi? In Stromdorf? You are far from home, Doki. Let my axe show you the way… to your grave!

– Aye, I’m far from home. Nevertheless, all places are good for killing mayflies. Sing your last song, dwarf, for it will be your monody.

– Valaya, grant me strength! Cursed be the day I be bested by an elgi that stinks like raki!

– Stinks like… raki?

The word raki woke Kerillian’s senses. She realized the pestilence in the wind and she could hear now a hissing coming from the grass, she was too driven into killing the dwarf to realize the presence of the real enemy before. Red eyes were watching them for a long time, surrounding and closing into them as a foul hand. But the skaven patient is low and they were starting to get anxious. As they slowly approached, Kerillian and Bardin could hear laughter coming from all directions and they could also hear a faint ‘hate-kill the no-furs’ ‘yes! yes! yes!’.

– The enemy is closing in! –Kerillian said- They might have the numbers but we have the skills! Well… at least I do. Try not to trip over your own beard, dwarf. If you hit the ground I won’t help you.


Ha! We shall see! I’ve been waiting to avenge my brothers from Karak Eight Peaks for a long time. My axe craves raki blood!

A tall figure raised from the tall grass, a black fur Skaven with red armour wielding a spear. His patience had run out and was now giving orders.

– Kill-kill the weak man-things! Bring me their skulls! –The Skaven commander ordered while pointing with his finger at the two heroes standing back to back ready for the slaughter.

Dozens of Skaven started to emerge from the shadows, screeching and laughing, bumping into each other while rallying towards the self-exiled waystalker and the homeseeker. They were wielding rusty sword and wearing nothing but worn out clothes. The skirmish didn’t last long, the rat-men were completely outmatched, their corpses covering the ground as if it were a large carpet with stains of blood. The Skaven commander stood last, completely terrified, looking left and right for a place to run or shelter from the Skaven slayers.

– That one is mine! –Bardin posed his eyes on the last standing frightened rat, approaching menacingly while brandishing his weapon –I shall drink ale from your skull tonight, thaggoraki!

The rat-man started to back off in complete fear, but before the dwarf could reach his prey an arrow pierced through one of the rat’s eye. The creature become limp and fell into the ground, lifeless.

– Doh, I already had him.

– You are too slow. Besides, there is no time lo lose. Looks like the scout patrol was heading west, and more will come. They always do. We need to reach the city –She says this while turning her head to watch Stromdorf, lying brightly in the distance.

– West? To Ubersreik? Boga! I have business in the city –Bardin started to look nervous. It was obvious that he had something very important to do in the city. And dark times bring strange alliances –I don’t fancy travelling with elves, but I think we can reach a mutual accord given the situation. Don’t you think, wutelgi?

– I have no pleasure travelling with your kind either but… Ugh, I must reach Ubersreik too and this… this is bigger than us. I can almost hear the Weave screaming –This last she said to herself –It’s decided then, we’ll travel together for the moment. It won’t be pleasant, this I assure you. Pack your stuff, we leave immediately.

Bardin went back to the little settlement he established before. He grabbed a couple of tools and robes from the ground, picked up an old map that he had placed beneath a rock and put everything inside the bag he used earlier to deceive the elf, decorated now with an arrow going from side to side –Travelling alongside with an elgi! –He started to murmur –What would cousin Okri think of me?!

So they commenced they journey to Stromdorf, the dwarf knew of an inn from where they could find transport to Ubersreik. And the rest of the story… Well, the rest of the story we know it well enough. Don’t we?


– For a more "immersive" experience I recomend reading it from here:
Ys75JEp - [CONTEST] An Unespected Meeting

An Unexpected Meeting

– Its my first time writing something like this, and english its not my first language. So if there is any grammatical error please let ne now. I checked several times but one never knows.

– I hope you like it!

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