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[Controversial Opinion] Anyone else strongly dislike the Grimoire system? I feel like its bad for Pub Game health

warhammer 3 - [Controversial Opinion] Anyone else strongly dislike the Grimoire system? I feel like its bad for Pub Game health

I'm aware this is probably a contested opinion, but I really hope that it doesn't transfer over to Darktide. Pub game VT2 was often painful because there was arguing over whether or not we should grab Grims and Tomes, lost games because of people stubbornly clutching their grim to the grave, etc.

It's also annoying because I can go into Difficulty X expecting a nice easy relaxing game (relative to my skill/equipment), but then two pubs force 2 grims on me and suddenly I have to actually pay attention and tryhard because the difficulty just went up by 200%.

When you select a difficulty in a video game, generally there is a certain spectrum of challenge that you expect to face, and reward you expect to get, and time that the game takes. EG

  1. Easy: 10 minutes
  2. Normal: 15
  3. Hard: 20
  4. Very Hard: 25
  5. Legendary Tryhard mode: 30 minutes of Blood, Sweat and tears.

My problem is that Vermintide's Grim system messes with this. A player on your team can stubbornly grab a Grim and doom the team to failure via penalising everyone's health. More subtle risk systems, like Tomes, Treasure Rats, etc work fine, as each tome is just a little step towards danger and it can be fun in the case of Treasure Rats or Random Loot as it's an unexpected choice thrown into the mission.

When I select a difficulty, I expect to be playing on roughly that difficulty. RNG induced difficulty spikes is exciting and fun of course, but having a player independently decide to significantly ramp up the challenge and risk is a bad mechanic. There's a massive difference between Difficulty X and Difficulty X but you only have 33% health and limited item slots.


Example: It's not fair to newbies who are EG bored of Normal, just getting their feet wet in transitioning to Hard to have to play Hard with only 33% HP and limited healing slots because of the players trying to transition to higher difficulties will stubbornly grind grimoires and tomes. Less HP=less mistakes to make=less learning and fun for the newbie before they get downed or killed and have to wait for a revive.

I'd rather just have more difficulty modes rather than significant Pseudo-difficulty modes that are the Grim systems.

You add meta, hard to get stats to this like Grimoire Resistance and class bonuses that reward Grim grabbing and it gets worse as people start grabbing Grims by default then complaining that someone lacks Curse Resist. You losing 33% of your HP bar and gaining a Grim buff is no big deal, but me losing 66% of my HP bar with no upside is downright Crippling, especially if I am learning a new difficulty.

Also, while I like treasure hunts and easter eggs, having to memorise the locations of every Tome and Grim for late game item progression is tedious. It's a dumb thing I have to keep track of and it doesn't actually make the maps any different when you run them repeatedly with Grim/Tome in mind. I'd much rather have randomised locations of these items to reward exploration as opposed to memorisation.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the matter?

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