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Could we get some changes to the Lobby Browser? Just a couple QoL changes.

warhammer 7 - Could we get some changes to the Lobby Browser? Just a couple QoL changes.

I use lobby browser a lot because I myself don't have good enough internet to host games and have a hard time trying to find lobbies in quickplay because of it, so I've used lobby browser quite a bit and have noticed some issues that I would like to point out, as well as make some suggestions to make using the lobby browser a more enjoyable experience, such as:

1.) Give us a description of how far a match has gone. Not anything too specific but maybe a simple percentage based description would suffice, something like "30% Completed". This would be based on factors of 10 and could be based on location in the level. Abusable. Removed.

New Number 1 is now:

1.) Make it so the classes that appear on the lobby description are what the players are actually using. Right now, its defaulted to Knight Kruber, Slayer Bardin, Shade Kerillian, Zealot Saltzspyre, and Battle Wizard Sienna even if the players are using other classes. Show us what classes they are specifically using. Also, let us see what they are equipped with, like maybe hovering over their player portrait shows their loadout?

2.) Let us set default search values. This is kind of a non issue, but having to set the difficulty and search distance everytime I want to join a "Near" lobby on Champion or Legend is a little annoying jusy because I have to set it everytime I open Lobby Browser. Custom Match and Quickplay remembers what difficulty and map we had prior, so why not the search values? Not too big of an issue but it would be a nice QoL change.

3.) Maybe remove Show Lobbies option? I think it's kind of useless since we can only join, well, joinable lobbies, so why would I set it to show private lobbies that I can't join? Doesn't make a lot of sense.


5.) This one may be a bit of a stretch, but I'll recommend it anyway. When hovering over the character classes, let us see what each player is running. This one is just personally for myself, as I do like to strategize and run classes based on what the team is lacking, so being able to switch on a fly to a Chaos or Stormvermin based Loadout, especislly with the saved loadout mod, is really useful for someone like me. Of course if this is way too much to ask for, that's fine but I think some of what I explained above could be implemented. This could be added to number 2, so I did that.

Thank you for reading.


Couple suggestions others have mentioned:

4.) Displaying match ping. I think that also is a great idea because host could show up in the Near search value but have horrible ping once people start joining. This would help in finding the match best suited for us.

5.) The ability to title your lobby. I do like the idea but this would probably have to be tags only (as someone suggested) knowing how some people could be, but I could see this being a great idea. Maybe the lobby tags could consist of tags such as "coaching" for coaching new players on how to play better, smarter, and become more team focused, or tags for specific team builds, like a "Looking for" tag followed by tags for whatever classes you want specifically.

E2: I do have a suggestion for "fixing" my first suggestion to make it non-abusable while also not locking people out. Just do one simple thing: Remove the lobby from lobby browser once it hits x% completion, BUT still make it joinable via Quickplay. This could work as an alternative, though I'm sure it would still be almost as abusable, and would hurt those who crash past the % threshhold. Suggestions from you guys helps, so don't be afraid to let me know if I could change some stuff to make this post better.

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