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Counter PSA : Marauder & Berzerker damage – The Diminishing Damage Bug

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Not long ago, there has been a post trying to make light of berzerkers damage in comparison to plague monks. The information it provided was wildly misleading due to it only being the tip of a bigger bug regarding diminishing damage when it comes to a multitude of units (but affecting mostly marauders and berzerkers).

To those who don't already know, trash units will deal varying damage depending on how many of them are targeting you. This system existed in the first Vermintide, and has not changed. The damage values of most trash units (except marauders, who deal a bit more) are also exactly the same as they were in the first game.

As it turns out, both berzerker-type units are also affected by this system, unlike other elites. Their standing attacks do the same damage as most trash units. Their combo attacks each deal the same damage as marauder strikes. Their execution attacks deal about twice the damage of other combo attacks.

So, with context out of the way, here's the problem : the function responsible for counting how many units are currently targeting the player only count those from a specific slot_type. Worse, that slot_type argument is never used, causing the function to defaulting to counting only 'normal' slot types.


Marauders and Berzerkers use 'medium' slot types.

So, when one goes on the modded realm, and spawns a single marauder/berzerker (or 50 of them) and lets it strike, that function will return a count of 0, causing them to default to minimum damage (20 on legend for marauder/combo attacks). Now, if you add a single skavenslave, clan rat, fanatic, or other normal slot unit, the count will return 1, causing ALL of them to deal maximum damage. Even if there are 50 marauders and/or savages. A bad time for you if you get hit.

I've taken the liberty of making a mod that fixes the problem by creating a new function that counts units targeting you from all slot types, and making diminishing damage use that instead.


I even made it toggleable in the options menu at any time so you can see the difference for yourself.

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