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[Counterpoint] “300 hours in a 30$ game” is sunk cost fallacy

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I keep seeing this whenever a game or DLC of a game is really low quality. Or when the game is no longer getting the support the community thought. It goes something like this:

1) Underwhelming/underperforming content or some post-release fu*k up by the game devs

2) Justified criticism based on an examination of current value at the time. In other words, people recognize there's a bad current value proposition.

3) Apologists come out citing their $/hour ratio. Like 300 hours in a 30$ game. Or 1000 hours in a 60$ game. etc etc. They use this to justify their purchase of the DLC or "supporting the devs".

Why not? The game already "surpassed" their expectations so they give leeway to obvious bad value in the future.

Well that is a surefire way to totally forfeit value over the long-term. Value over the long-term is the total sum of both negative and positive value situations; if you give up the times when you are "ahead", you will just end up in the negative overall

Sunk cost fallacy: Considering costs that have no effect on the value of the decision at hand. These costs are thus irrelevant. Examples include overhead and already incurred costs

For gaming, the purchase price of the game and thus the $/hour ratio are sunk costs with regard to future purchases or value propositions related to the game



"Should I spend more time on this game even though I'm not satisfied? I already spent so much time and/or money"

"Does a low $/hour ratio justify a game's development being poor recently? I already spent so much time and got value before"

These justifications have no bearing on current/future decisions to "invest" additional time or money into the game. And tbh, game devs and studios KNOW this and leverage this against young gamers, who don't know any better. THAT is where marketing buzzwords like "pride and accomplishment" and "create your own story" and "our players invest themselves into our game!"

They are trying to get you to justify poor economic $ value decisions based on "other irrelevant" costs you have already incurred: time, emotional, identity investment.

Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and stop justifying bad game development, overpriced content, and bad quality content just because you "have gotten its worth" or "need to get its worth".

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