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Create the “Optimal” Team Build

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Yes most careers are more or less viable, blah blah blah, but let's say you're Quickplaying Legend and if you fail the mission, you die in real life. You need to assemble the most flexible and powerful team.

My idea:

  • Zealot: Every class has a melee expert variant, and losing Merc's or Handmaiden's clutch revives is pretty costly, but I put him in for no reason other than the flail. Except for Packmasters and bosses, I'd say shield Stormvermin have ruined the most of my games and having a tool to reliably deal with them is extremely valuable. Not to mention the flail has excellent horde control AND armor piercing, something the other melee classes generally have to choose between. The ability to defy the killing blow can also be a life-saver, if not a game saver.

  • Huntsman: I don't know why this career lost so much popularity. Even after a bunch of nerfs he's still very strong. A Huntsman with a longbow, in my experience, is the most flexible elite/special killer. Infinite ammo, armor pen, masterful Stormvermin clear, 1-2 shots on specials, quick "reload," and crowd penetration. It really is the all-situation ranged weapon and a great means of designated Special patrol. Combined with Hunter's Prowl, he also provides excellent boss damage.

  • Shade: Very costly losing Handmaiden but bosses are scary, and nothing can rival her boss damage. With a Conc potion, she can almost singlehandedly clean up an alerted Chaos Patrol. Also, the daggers make quick work of elites. Her invisibility can act as a clutch revive tool as well.

  • Unchained: Now it was tough giving up the nigh unkillable Ironbreaker, but her tankiness comes fairly close and Living Bomb is a more frequent blowback ult. With the Fireball or Conflag staff, she has insane horde control and Unchained deals with heat much better than the other Sienna careers. She can also double as a decent frontliner with Zealot if the Shade or Huntsman can't cut it.

Notable weaknesses: No distraction taunt (Ironbreaker), limited blowback ultimates, no handguns, no Handmaiden clutch ability.

What's the "best" comp?

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